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Dexter: season 5 Dexter: season 5

05-14-2011 , 06:18 PM
Mos Def is very very good. IMO his best performance was in HBO's "Something the Lord Made" which was essentially a two-man show between Mos Def and Alan Rickman. He more than held his own for the entire movie.
05-14-2011 , 06:21 PM
just watched all 5 seasons over the past month, not sure why i thought this thread would be readable but my god the nits itt are incredible.
05-14-2011 , 06:43 PM
I've always dug Mos Def's work. He was great in 18 Blocks, funny as hell on Chappelle show and we don't even need to mention his music.
05-21-2011 , 02:16 AM
Lol, I rewatched Seasons 3-5 recently

The scene in Season 5 in the Factory where Lumen shot the guy, and Dexter staged the scene totally cracks me up. Him and Lumen come out after killing that guy and a naked guy covered in wrapping jumps out of Dexters car and Lumen is like ..> "wtf who is that?" just so random and hilarious. I actually start laughing thinking about it. Then Masuka interpreting the crime scene was great too

I found it hard to believe Lumens character never really interrogated Dexter about how/why he does what he does/his history etc
Quinn totally backing off made no sense to me either, he has to know Dexter killed Liddy right?
Lumen leaving didnt play right either, didnt feel right for her character

Its a very rewatchable show though, Even Season 5 which was subpar. I just fast forwarded through the bull**** like Angel/LaGuerta and so on
05-21-2011 , 02:53 AM
I'm one of the few who really liked season 5, but then I'm a Julia Stiles fan.
05-21-2011 , 05:16 AM
Originally Posted by Praetor
Then Masuka interpreting the crime scene was great too
Someone did a gif of the 'Masuka jerking off' section of that scene which will no doubt be posted shortly.
05-21-2011 , 11:51 AM
A+ gif

05-21-2011 , 09:41 PM
Good spoilers ****tards
05-21-2011 , 10:46 PM
what spoilers?

u clicked the season 5 thread
05-21-2011 , 10:50 PM
The guest cast member = spoiler
05-21-2011 , 10:56 PM
lol mos def

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05-21-2011 , 10:58 PM
Fake spoilers = cool guys
05-21-2011 , 11:35 PM
05-24-2011 , 04:10 PM
More guest casting:

Edward James Olmos

Seems like Miami is getting pretty crowded. Hopefully they're ready to shake things up.
05-24-2011 , 05:06 PM
Originally Posted by Suigin406
Just watched all 5 seasons to catch up. For me, 1>2>>4>>>>3>5. I actually liked the second half of S5, but the finale was disappointing and there were too many pointless episodes and plotholes this season imo. The whole quinn situation, with him being absolved just because the blood didn't match, despite all the other suspicions, is just lol.

Just finished up S5 and pretty much agreed with the thread in it being a disappointment. I think 1>2>4>>>>>>>3>>>5 is the clear ranking of seasons. I can see 1,2 and 4 being switched around but 3 and 5 are clearly the worst.
05-24-2011 , 06:01 PM
Originally Posted by Rendle
More guest casting:

Edward James Olmos

Seems like Miami is getting pretty crowded. Hopefully they're ready to shake things up.
Don't read the spoiler below if you haven't read the third book or the previous cast-related spoilers.

It says he will play "a brilliant, charismatic professor of religious studies." With Hanks playing "a highly intelligent young expert on ancient artifacts who gets linked to a series of grisly murders in Miami" and Mos Def playing another character involving religion, it seems they are following the third book in S6.

I wasn't a huge fan of the book, so I hope they tweak the story a bit for the TV series. I guess it could be interesting though.
06-17-2011 , 12:21 AM
06-17-2011 , 04:21 AM

I really hope deb finds out about dexter this season
06-17-2011 , 04:24 AM
Originally Posted by suchsickaments

I really hope deb finds out about dexter this season
+1 she got so close last year it was annoying.
06-17-2011 , 07:13 AM
People itt always complained about Dexter not killing enough or going back to his scary serial killer S1 roots but if the writing still sucks then it won't matter.
06-17-2011 , 07:17 AM
Local magazine just reviewed S4, they ended the (super positive) review with "This series just gets better and better, we don't even dare to think about what Season 5 will be like."

poor guys
07-13-2011 , 06:35 AM
Season 5 was pretty good.
Can't wait till Season 6. It starts on 9/25/11
07-16-2011 , 04:29 AM
Season 5 sucked. I still can't get over how lame the finale was - the entire season may as well never have happened, it was that irrelevant.
07-21-2011 , 10:02 PM
S6 trailer released

spoiler heavy I guess

I want to get hyped but given the fail of S5 I won't .
07-21-2011 , 10:34 PM
Wow, looks pretty badass.

It seems my comment/prediction above wrt the book will be correct. Hopefully S6 doesn't disappoint.