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Barry Barry

04-26-2019 , 07:07 AM
Hank: “Activate your core though, okay”?

Enters wearing hat and sunscreen
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04-26-2019 , 08:17 PM
didnt really like the plot twist here. I guess it was necessary for the show. but I dont think they did a good job of making Loach seem amoral. I do recognize that they have been building this up since the start tho, with all of his emo-ness.
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04-28-2019 , 11:10 PM
That was the most ridiculous episode of TV I've ever seen and I loved every second of it.
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04-29-2019 , 12:45 AM
Ya that was awesome.
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04-29-2019 , 01:28 AM
Originally Posted by txdome
I like it, I don't think Winkler was a good casting choice though.
i just watched season 1 and haven't started season 2 yet. but lol at this post!

i read a lot of you were complaining about the acting class scenes. as someone who's taken a lot of acting classes these scenes have me rolling! some of it is kind of painful because it's so accurate. i know a lot of actors and acting teachers who must cringe like f*ck if they watch this show.

and yeah, the bald chechen is the best character in the show

looking forward to season 2!
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04-29-2019 , 12:10 PM
I take it back, about Winkler. Everyone on the show is great including the GF.
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04-29-2019 , 12:26 PM
Winkler is awesome, the gf I wanted to her die in one of the eps she was so annoying.
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04-29-2019 , 07:33 PM
Show is unreal good.
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04-29-2019 , 10:58 PM
I don't know how someone wouldn't like Henry Winkler's character, he is perfect. Obviously nobody can compete with Hank but Winkler is killing it. The GF seems like a standard girlfriend, especially someone that is taking acting classes with the hope of becoming somebody.
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04-30-2019 , 12:37 AM
Don't get me wrong, I think the actress who plays the GF is amazing - it's her character I don't like. She reminds me of every wannabe actress in LA I dated. They "act" kind and concerned, but everything - absolutely everything - is always about them.

This last episode was one of the most jaw-dropping half hours of TV I've ever seen. It just kept ratcheting up and up and goddamned funny. The feral girl had me crying in laughter. Seeing Ron in the grocery store was a true surprise. So so good.

and Bill Hader is an amazing actor. He also directed and co-wrote that episode.

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04-30-2019 , 06:49 AM
So are there no cameras in the grocery store? Seems like a big plot hole if there aren’t.
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04-30-2019 , 07:25 AM
all caught up.

that episode with the feral girl was hard to watch. i even turned it off a couple of times. it was brilliant tv, just hard to watch a guy tell another guy to kill a little kid after she just came home to find her dad dead. i know it's a comedy, but damn.

i mean it's hard to watch fuchs just tell barry to kill adults. he's using him so hard.

and yeah, gus is fantastic. he's almost the same character as andrew on buffy the vampire slayer
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04-30-2019 , 07:27 AM
Originally Posted by Dominic
Don't get me wrong, I think the actress who plays the GF is amazing - it's her character I don't like. She reminds me of every wannabe actress in LA I dated. They "act" kind and concerned, but everything - absolutely everything - is always about them.
that girl hits a nerve with me too. her character is so awful that it makes a little suspicious if the show isn't a little misogynistic
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04-30-2019 , 12:58 PM
You guys who want everything to be realist all the time must be very disappointed in movies and TV
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05-06-2019 , 02:37 PM
amazing. even the "set-up" type episodes are just great.
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05-07-2019 , 05:41 PM
this show is one of the best things on tv. ever. not sure where it'd rank, but def top 20. maybe top 10
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05-07-2019 , 06:34 PM
Reatched the Britsh chick with her cow story a few times it keeps tickling me.
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05-07-2019 , 08:25 PM
what was the car Fuches found? Something to do with the female detective Barry killed?
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05-07-2019 , 08:28 PM
i thought it was her car
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05-07-2019 , 08:30 PM
did they not find the detective? I forgot.
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05-07-2019 , 08:34 PM
i think they never found her, then gave up the search
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05-08-2019 , 04:30 AM
That's correct.

This show also has great opening scenes like that press conference, had me rolling. The botched hit starting S2 felt like something directed by Tarantino (in a good way; at least for me) and was very funny.
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05-08-2019 , 11:56 PM
Just got caught up for the season. Guessing it's no coincidence that they run a crazy episode where the whole half hour is fighting directly following the hour and a half Battle of Winterfell. Well played. At least I could see the battle on Barry.
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05-09-2019 , 05:07 PM
Legendary show.

I tried to describe it to my gf and burst out laughing midway through the first sentence because it's just so absurd.
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