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Gift Cards & Poker Site Points **CLOSED** All current threads moved to the General Marketplace, and future threads should be started there. For 2+2ers who have gift cards and/or poker site points they wish to buy or sell. NOT meant for commercial enterprises.

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Instructions On How To Load Your Account Using Moneypak and Netspend.

Here are instructions on how to load your poker account using Moneypak and Netspend.

Moneypak (MP):

For those looking to fund their poker account.

1. Locate the nearest Moneypak retailer here:
2. Go the the pre-paid card section and look for the following:

Take the MP card to the cashier and load a minimum of $20 upto $500 at most retailers. Some retailers like Wal mart allow a load of $1100, however it is easier to get multiple cards for smaller amounts as they will be easier to trade. Each card has a $4.95 fee. Some buyers will reimburse you for this fee, but don't expect them to.

Note: Moneypaks can only be purchased using cash. Moneypaks can take 10-60 minutes to be activated. Ask the cashier, they should know.

3. Go to the Two Plus Two Gift card forum and locate a thread that is looking to purchase a MP. PM the individual the amount that you have and the pokersite that you need and ask if he can trade it for poker money.

Once you have a PM/e-mail agreement, you complete your end of it by sending the MP# located under the scratch off area on the back of the card. Also include all details needed for the transfer (ie... pokersite, screen name, first name, email address, city and for FTP your avatar).

With Green Dot Moneypaks what you load is what you are going to be trading in one shot. Meaning, you can not buy a $100 moneypak and trade only $50 of it. A Moneypak has to be traded in full only.

4. For those receiving the MP code you can load the funds onto a Greendot Pre Paid Visa card just by entering the code online or over the phone (when entering the code do not use dashes or spaces). You can then make purchases with the card, withdraw cash at an ATM or you can load the funds to your PayPal account. (limits apply)

5. To request a Greendot Pre-paid visa (fees apply) check out these on-line links :

Do your homework, the more established the buyer, the safer the transaction will be. the seller usually sends first so there is risk if you trade with a non-established buyer.

Netspend (NS):

For those looking to fund their poker account.

1. For NON Netspend Customers, locate the nearest Netspend retailer here:

In the search results locate a retailer that lists "Reloadable Debit Cards" They usually have the Packs in stock. The other places do not sell the Packs. It's a good idea to call ahead and make sure they stock them. Netspend packs are harder to find than greendot Moneypacks.

2. Go the the pre-paid card section and look for the following:

Everything is pretty much the same as above. The load amounts are $10-$500 and the pack has a $3.95 fee.

The below pertains to Netspend account holders who have already received their permanent card (takes 5-10 business days to receive). Temporary card holders can not perform person to person transfers.

3. For those who already have a Netspend account, take your permanent Netspend card to the retailer and have them load the funds onto that card, then you can transfer those funds to another cardholder via

4. According to Netspend:
-- You can transfer money from any Visa or MasterCard debit card to your NetSpend card instantly for $5.95.
-- Or if you would like a free option that could take 2-5 days. Learn more from Netspend.

5. If two NS account holders are completing a trade and the seller already has funds in his Netspend account there is no need to purchase a reload pack.

Simply login to your Netspend account, go to the Send Money tab and click Cardholder transfers. Enter your card info and click continue. Answer your security question and click proceed. In the Add Friend field enter the username of the person you will send the money to. Enter the dollar amount and click send money.

After the trade leave feedback in the buyers Want To Buy thread.

Thats It!

Any transfers of funds arranged with other forum readers are made entirely at your own risk. Twoplustwo takes no responsibility whatsoever for the success or otherwise of such arrangements.


JULY, 2013 comment
Originally Posted by idun215 View Post
you should update this if possible. Like for me I can't find Netspend Reload Packs anywhere around me. But I can find Vanilla Reload cards. Essentially they are on the same network. It works like this. You buy a Vanilla Reload Pack and then go to then insert your card number and the 10 digit code and it will automatically fund your Netspend account. I prefer this method because there is no wait time. Like if you buy a netspend card you have to wait like 30-45mins i forgot? But using Vanilla Reload there is no wait time.

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