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High Stakes PL Omaha Discussion of 2/4 and above pot-limit Omaha poker

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PLO 6 max Sit N Go

I have been playing alot of PLO lately and I am still somewhat of a novice.
Many questions in this one hand:

4 player remain.
blinds 900/1400
Hero stack is approx 20k
Villain stack is approx 22k

I raise from CO with KcQh7s8s to 3k
Villain calls from the BB

Flop is AsQsKs

BB checks. I bet 4800
Villain check raises to Pot, putting me all in.

Am I to fold pre?
check flop?
fold flop on raise?

Table is mostly tight-aggressive
These types of hands seem to get me in the most problems.
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Czech Rays
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Re: PLO 6 max Sit N Go

Fold pre your hand is not good.

Flop just check back. You have SDV and very little you want to get stacks in against. You donít block the nuts of which every combo is very present in your Vs range. Getting raised is very bad for you. because you have equity in the pot you would like to realize.

Also when stacks are shallow, your post flop bets should be much smaller. The reason you bet 75%+ pot in 100bb games is to enable you to get stacks in by the river, or threaten your opponent with that possibility. When you are shallow in tourneys, 25% pot cbet does the same thing.

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