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High Stakes PL Omaha Discussion of 2/4 and above pot-limit Omaha poker

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General how to play trips (mainly As and Ks) thread

Hey, with 5 card omaha hi popularity rising, and 6 card omaha hi even being played on some sites, I thought this thread could be warranted, to discuss hands where hero plays a hand that includes trips, which for me is almost exclusively going to include AAAx hands, because that's all I can justify playing, except HU where you gotta expand.

So, for example, with AAAxx with ONE nut suit in 5 card plo, are you always bluffing when you have the blocker and the other flush comes? There's certain guys who just never fold a flush of any ranking, so obviously you adjust vs them, but vs general opponents at mid-high stakes, it seems like you MUST bluff, to balance the times you go for value with a made A or K high flush.

OOP, what % of flops would you say we are check folding in HU 3bet pots with this same type of hand? Obv straight texture types are bad, but sometimes when it just comes K72 rainbow thats just as bad, in 5/6 card, because we have literally one out now to improve, not including backdoors (instead of at least two with AAx), vs an unknown range.

Or am I way off and these hands are just always folds at 5card and 6card plo? I don't see how with the strength and blocker potential. Especially at 6 card with the mighty triple suited AAAxxx.

Thoughts welcome

edit: does courchevel count here also? its sort of PLO. If so, anyone comment on a recent hand of it I played? It was hi/lo, but that has very little relevance to the hand.

Pre-flop board card was 7
Hero has trips! Our hand is literally 777TT

It goes, limp, limp, pot to 5.5BB on the button, SB folds, hero is BB. We can't see folding here, can we? Or can we? Thought about it and potted, got HU with button who flats.

Flop ends up being 7 t k

For the horrendous double-set/non-quads/kill-all-your-board-pair-outs

Hero pots, Villian flats.

Turn A

We get the rest in, one pot sized bet, and villian shows A A J J 4

So yeah, not good.

But in general, even with trips in your hand in courchevel, hi or hilo, its standard to always jam that preflop when the exposed card gives you a set. Correct?

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Re: General how to play trips (mainly As and Ks) thread

i dont play any other trips. and only play AAAxx ds. Trust me, just fold it every other trips, you will earn more that way.
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Re: General how to play trips (mainly As and Ks) thread

I’d prolly just call flop and re evaluate later streets, your hand is way too vulnerable to start blasting, id be curious to see what your equity is vs vilains hand when just the 7 is showing, im guessing its close to a flip or he might be favorite.

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Re: General how to play trips (mainly As and Ks) thread

Fold pre.

Don't 3-bet double pairs OOP pre-flop unless it involves AA.

Don't be surprised when you flop a set on a draw heavy board and lose.
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