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High Stakes PL Omaha Discussion of 2/4 and above pot-limit Omaha poker

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5/5 live. Top 2 on turn get raised. Turnplay consideration

livepoker 5/5€ 8max
Single raised pot, I am in EP with AQTxss. Pot is around 90€ with 4 players.
Flop is AT5 rainbow.
I lead out on flop with 1/2 potsize bet and got one caller in CO.
We both have a big stack around 4k€.
Turn Q (no flushdraw possible)
I bet the turn again 100€ and he raises to 340€.
Now, I was not sure how play the river, if I decide to call here on turn.
Futhermore, I was not sure, if he is capable to bluff this special turn card against me. I think my flop and turn betting range is more looking like top pair/two pair hands and not like KJxx in his eyes.
He has me on a tight/solid side and probably know, I can fold some hands here.
I was tanking for some time and decided to fold here and lay it down and shown him AT and he shown me 2234.
How do you like me play here?
What about c/c the turn and going on a unimproved river with c/f or /c/c consideration?
How about pot bet on turn to face up my range here and try to avoid get bluff, because a turn potsizebet looks always strong here, right?

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Re: 5/5 live. Top 2 on turn get raised. Turnplay consideration

It helps a lot to know details like the exact preflop sequence of events and your exact suits. Try to get into a zone where you pick up details like that and store them not just for going over the hand history later but quick and non-confusing memory reference during the hand, in order to narrow ranges and guess at perceived ranges.

I'll assume you opened the betting pre with a suited ace, which is fine for a weak game, but I might be folding where x <6, and with an unsuited ace x < 9.

Flop is fine as played.

With no flush draw possible on the turn I'm liable to try to get this to showdown or possibly value-bet blanks on the river. A big bet on the turn would be a mistake, if he's got the cojones to bluffraise over a smaller bet that won't change a huge amount with a bigger bet and he might also just call and bluff rivers. Naked AT isn't likely to put much more money into the pot even versus your size bet.
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Re: 5/5 live. Top 2 on turn get raised. Turnplay consideration

I like bet folding turn readless - the problem is a lot of those broadway hands have pair+ on this turn so they're rarely bluffing.
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