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High Stakes PL Omaha Discussion of 2/4 and above pot-limit Omaha poker

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2/4 5cards Flop Nut FD + GS facing reraise

UTG : $ 380
CO (Hero): $ 1060
BU : $ 1200
SB : $ 870
BB: $ 500

Pre Flop: (pot: $6.00) Hero has A J T 7 6
UTG calls $4, Hero raises to $18, BU, SB, BB and UTG calls.

Flop: ($90, 5 players) K T 7
SB bets $30, BB raises to $135, Hero ?

Would it be better if just flat the $135 to induce SB to come along with weaker draws? i dont mind he over shoves as it shows both of them have sets which only makes my hand stronger
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Re: 2/4 5cards Flop Nut FD + GS facing reraise

You have too many blockers + equity to try and induce an over-shove.

You block middle and bottom set and you have the nut-clubs; between SB and BB you want to eliminate the guy with wrap + backdoor spades and get someone with K10 or KK/1010 to ship.

I wouldn't want to be all-in here against two players since it's likely one will have KK and the other will have AQJxx.
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Re: 2/4 5cards Flop Nut FD + GS facing reraise

Having bottom two helps a little because it blocks them from boating up, but obv we'd rather have A7 than 6; once in a blue moon we actually have two outs or even the best hand when it goes all-in, or even backdoor quads, so don't discount that part of your hand.

The SB weak lead on this board doesn't look much like a set so facing a raise (not reraise) he's more likely to call than jam, given he can't have the nut flush. Even if he does jam and has a range including a lot of AQJ and BB does have the set, we've still got the 30-35% from the nut flush draw which is good enough to get it in 3-ways. Worst case scenario: one has top set with a flush draw and the other has AQJxx with QJ and we're at 17.5%, which isn't an absolute disaster.

So most likely scenario is that SB comes along for the ride and we're in position in a big pot with 8 nut outs. If the turn hits SB with a QJ98 type hand, he may not lead, and BB may not bet when an obvious draw hits, so he might give you a free card. If a T or 7 hits and BB continues to show aggression we can comfortable fold.

With position and a nutty draw, we should try to see a turn.
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