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Longstanding 5x5 Roto mixed league looking for new members

Longstanding (10 + years) league on CBS needs 4 new players.Buy in 300$ plus CBS fees ,but that can be reduced if need be. Commisioner DOES NOT get a fee,all moneys go to payouts.Pay pal or check ok. Draft date TBD. Waivers right now are first come first serve, but the thought is to go to once or twice weekly waivers.Love to have you.

League Constitution

League Fee:
$316 ($16 paid for website)

First: $1600
Second: $780
Third: $420
Fourth: $200

The draft format will be a snake draft. The draft order will be determined by, an impartial third-party website.
The draft will be 26 rounds.

Starting Lineups (20 players):
The FLEX pitchers can be either a SP or a RP…Please make sure your starting lineup adheres to the above guidelines. You will be notified if you’re starting lineup is illegal. Repeat offenders will run the risk of not being eligible for any winnings.
Bench players: 6 players
DL players: 2 max.

Batting: Avg, Runs, RBI, HR, SB
Pitching: W, K, Saves, WHIP, ERA

Lineups will be set on a weekly basis on the website. Your lineup must be set 30 minutes prior to the start of the first game on Monday.

Injured Players:
If your player is on the DL (as listed in a column next to the player’s name on the website) you can change his status to 'injured' on your roster page...You can have a maximum of 2 injured players on your DL at any given time...While on your DL, you can pick up another player...When your player comes off the DL(*) you MUST make every effort to activate that player as soon as possible...If you need to drop another player in order to stay at the limit of 26 players with ACTIVE status (denoted by an “A” in the MLB column on the ‘Set Lineup’ page)- then you must do so at that time...At no time should you have more than 26 players with ACTIVE status...If you are caught making OTHER transactions while still keeping the active player on the DL – then you will lose TWO transactions, one tranny for the illegal pick-up and one tranny for the Commissioner to manually reverse it.

Unless there are extenuating circumstances, teams will have 2 days to make room on their roster for players coming off the DL. If you’re caught stashing active players on your DL, then you’ll run the risk of being charged TWO transactions for the violation.

*If your player does NOT have a DL next to his name -- then he should NOT be listed as INJURED on your roster. Even if several websites are reporting that said player is on the DL, you may not list him as injured until he is listed with a DL on your roster page.

You are allotted 35 player pickups from the free agent pool for the season. There is no additional cost for these pickups. The free agent pool is first come, first serve. Players dropped throughout the season will be on waivers for at least two days. If more than one claim is put in on a dropped player, the waiver wire priority list will determine who has rights to the said player. After the draft, all undrafted players will begin the season on waivers and the waiver wire priority list will be set in the opposite order of the draft. If you exceed the 35 transactions, any transactions after that will be reversed. Should you violate this policy more than once, you will NOT be eligible for any winnings. As an FYI, you can include transactions while making trades.

Trades are unlimited and at no additional cost. Trades are subject to a 2-day voting period by the league members who were not involved in the trade. If a majority of these league members object to the trade, then the trade will be overturned. League members who object to a trade will have to explain their reasons for objecting to a trade. They must include a coherent explanation for one or more of the following:

1) collusion
2) severely lopsided
3) one team involved in the trade is clearly not trying to improve their lineup

The trade voting process is taken seriously by the league. Do not veto a trade to be funny or when you are uncertain how you feel about it. Your vote should be unbiased. Even if you don’t like the trade, you should look at the needs of the teams involved in the trade and evaluate whether or not they are making an attempt to fulfill their needs. Making frivolous votes against a trade will only hold up the approval process and will ultimately be unfair to the teams involved in a trade. Such behavior by any league member will be met with disciplinary action. Reasons like “the trade will help team A catch my team in steals” or “I’ve made trade offers to team A all season and he hasn’t accepted any of my offers so I object to his current trade” are not valid reasons.

If necessary, the Commissioner can call a revote after both parties have explained their reasoning for the trade to the league. A revote will be the final decision on whether a trade will be rejected or accepted.

Standard Injury Rule (must be stated by the team offering the trade and agreed upon by the team accepting the trade):

If any player involved in the trade is out of the starting lineup or removed from a game due to injury during the league voting period, then the team receiving the injured player will be given the option to nullify the trade. If a SP is expected to miss their next scheduled start or removed from a start due to injury during the voting period, then the team receiving the SP in the deal will be able to nullify the trade. If a RP is expected to not be available to pitch in a game or is removed from a game due to injury during the trade voting period, then the team on the receiving end of the deal can opt-out. ALL INJURY INFORMATION MUST BE OBTAINED BY THE CBS WEBSITE ONLY. If the team receiving the injured player does not exercise their right to nullify the trade by the deadline of the league voting period, then the trade will stand assuming it passes the league-wide approval process.

Any stipulations to a trade, whether it be the injury rule or including transactions, must be inserted into the trade by the team who has OFFERED the trade. The team that accepts the trade will then have the opportunity to accept or reject based on the stipulations, but they cannot alter the trade in any way without first rejecting the offer and re-offering it with the altered stipulations. Let me reiterate....the team that accepts the trade CANNOT add stipulations to a trade without the offering team's consent. A trade that has stipulations from the team accepting the trade without consent from the offering team will automatically become null and void.

The trade deadline is 11PM CST on August 31st .

Trading Transactions:
Transactions can be included as part of a trade with another team. However, each team can only receive a total of 5 trannies via trade for the entire season and give away 5 trannies via trade for the entire season.

Official Scoring:
Currently, CBS only allows stat changes for a period of seven days. After the seven day period, CBS will not honor stat changes made by MLB. The JWA will adhere to CBS’s 7 day policy regarding stat changes. If CBS makes changes to their policy in the future, the JWA will then adhere to their amended policy, unless the JWA has a league-wide vote to do otherwise. It should be noted that a vote on this topic can only occur prior to the start of the season.
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Re: Longstanding 5x5 Roto mixed league looking for new members

If uncomfortable about money handling, we can do league safe as well; however, there is an associated transaction cost.
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