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Dynasty Fantasy League Co-Owners Dynasty Fantasy League Co-Owners

03-09-2023 , 10:52 PM
Hello everyone! Been a while. I'm seeing if anyone has any interest in joining a 16 team dynasty fantasy league as a co-owner.

BDL is a dynasty league that has been running since the 2011 lockout. We do a draft, free agency, have ERFA/RFAs, trade, and do weekly gameplans during the season. We have full rosters and you can see the teams here.

As a co-owner, you'd work with the other co-owner on draft prospects, free agency, and gameplan strategy. If you're a fan of team-building, this is definitely for you.

Our discussion thread is here and we have a discord as well. Hop on over or shoot me a message if you have any interest.

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03-14-2023 , 08:05 PM
Cuba, Hungary, and Raleigh in particular are looking for a co-owner. We have our draft a couple weeks before the NFL draft, so guys are prepping big boards as we speak. Just let me know!
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03-15-2023 , 10:43 PM
Hungary has found a co-owner, but Cuba and Raleigh would like a draft nerd to talk football with.
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