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2022 Fantasy Football Thread 2022 Fantasy Football Thread

Today , 09:19 AM
Here we go

Henry or CMC easy

Mixon or Swift don't want either

Chubb or A Jones close

Saquon or Javonte

Reek or Evans don't want either

Keenan or AJ Brown I'm down on philly pass catchers

Herbert or Mahomes All day

Dobbins or Akers or Fournette or Zeke No contest

Pittman or Metcalf Ugh

Etienne or Gibson or Jacobs or Mitchell I like mitchell a lot

DJ Moore or Waddle or Diontae

Harris or Dillon or Breece Hall

Michael Thomas or Renfrow or Allen Robinson or Thielen or Amari

Have at it![/QUOTE]
2022 Fantasy Football Thread Quote
Today , 09:34 AM
I'm finding i hate the value in 3rd round rbs and wrs this year...and ending up with shares of Herbert/Mahomes (which historically i've never done). Anyone have 3rd rd players they really like? (I'm happy with fournette and some keenan allen i guess)
2022 Fantasy Football Thread Quote