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2021 Fantasy Football Thread 2021 Fantasy Football Thread

01-18-2022 , 01:24 AM
Akers climbing.
01-18-2022 , 07:13 AM
Yeah, I'm a touch worried about my Hendo stock as a result of Akers not only being back incredibly quickly, but looking useful in the highlights I watched this morning. I guess the worst case is that I write off 2022 and he gets a better workload in 2023, unless any sort of Akers issue recurrence or a Michel injury happens?
01-18-2022 , 12:03 PM
I don't expect Michel to be back. He's played well enough to get some attention for other teams, and I doubt the Rams will want to pay the $3-$5 mil/yr Michel will want.

Hendo will likely be no more than a cuff to Akers with a split of something like 75/25 Akers/Hendo.
01-18-2022 , 04:03 PM
Yeah, it would be really surprising if they resigned Michel. Paying up for a 3rd RB seems bad and Rams already have a lot of big contracts and lack draft cap to fill spots cheaply. They will have more pressing needs to use that money on.
01-19-2022 , 05:16 AM
For some reason I thought Michel was signed through next season