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2021 Fantasy Football Thread 2021 Fantasy Football Thread

Yesterday , 07:49 PM
Need to fade 28 pts vs Mac Jones and Diggs, hoping this wind means 35+ rushes for each team
Yesterday , 11:54 PM
Originally Posted by that_pope 2021 Fantasy Football Thread
You know typing TDs is fewer keystrokes and doesn't make you look like an idiot?

Today , 12:33 AM
Wow, last night I thought I would run away with my battle for the bye with another 9-3 team in a dynasty league. But then Mahomes, who I just traded for, only got three points after the first quarter. So I was only up by 12.4 entering tonight and I had the option of any of the three Bills RBs vs his Damien Harris. Originally, I had Singletary in the lineup. After I saw Moss would be active, I fretted over what to do. At the last minute, it got in my head that these conditions might be more of a Moss game and I subbed him in. Then I kicked myself when Singletary started and Moss didn't get in the game for the first three Bills possessions, while Harris went for the long TD. Even after Harris went out on the final long run, I doubted that Moss would even get the opportunity to get me the win. But the last 5-yard catch gave me a 151.51-150.89 victory! Next week, we play 1-12 and 2-11 tanking teams, so this was the difference maker. And if I had stuck with Singletary, I would have lost by a point.
Today , 12:34 AM

Monday Night Miracles are the best. I had one early in the season with Mark Andrews that just couldnt be real.
Today , 12:36 AM
I was able to fade 2 from Breida, so that feels nice.