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2021 Fantasy Football Sit/Start Thread 2021 Fantasy Football Sit/Start Thread
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2021 Fantasy Football Sit/Start Thread

11-25-2021 , 12:29 PM
Lamb is inactive, so I’d definitely go Wilson.
11-25-2021 , 12:31 PM
With Lamb inactive, do I stick with Dak or pivot to one of

Heinicke vs Sea
Jimmy G vs Min

Others available are Danny, Teddy, Big Ben, Tua, Z Wilson, Dalton, Baker, Mac, Trevor, Siemian, and lolGoff.

So pretty much a big pile of dog ****. Leaning sticking with Dak. I don’t expect Dak to have a bad game like last week. Just worried he has a low ceiling and that they lean on Zeke and Pollard and run for like 4 TDs.

Also, Bears or Texans defense? Leaning Bears
11-25-2021 , 12:33 PM
Originally Posted by tarheels2222 2021 Fantasy Football Sit/Start Thread
Lamb is inactive, so Id definitely go Wilson.
Yeah, was only a question if he didn't go. Word earlier was that he was more likely than not to start but that's changed now
11-25-2021 , 01:27 PM
Originally Posted by YeahYou 2021 Fantasy Football Sit/Start Thread
.5 PPR need a rb and flex

Javonte vs LAC
Pollard vs LV
Tony Jones vs Buf (if Ingram is out)
Aiyuk vs Min

Also need a Kelce replacement:
Jared Cook @ Den
Everett @ Wash
Uzomah vs Pit
Griffin @ Hou

Ingram out now thinking about going Pollard and Jones what you guys think?
11-25-2021 , 04:31 PM
Originally Posted by sixfour 2021 Fantasy Football Sit/Start Thread
If Lamb is active, start Cedric Wilson in full PPR vs Raiders or Ty Johnson @ Texans?
Same question but vs Miles Sanders
Half ppr
11-27-2021 , 07:00 PM
Half PPR. Should I start K Hunt or D Freeman as my RB2?

Both play in SNF, so I can wait and see how things are going in my matchup and adjust if need be. My opponent has Chubb.

My initial lean was play Freeman if I’m well ahead and just need highest floor, but go Hunt if I need a net upside (and hope he steals TDs from Chubb).

But maybe I’m overthinking. Thoughts?
11-27-2021 , 08:29 PM
I've got the same decision and same line of thinking as you. Will wait and see what kind of game I need, Hunt for a higher ceiling.
11-28-2021 , 05:35 AM
I have Hunt in two leagues, leaving him on IR in one and waiting on New England RB information to decide if he's going to be a better play than Stevenson in the other.

jeff - tend to agree with your analysis re: wait and see how your matchup is doing and if you just need floor play Freeman. It might be worth having a quick look to see who your opponent has in that game (and MNF but there's not many worth starting in that game anyway) to work out what he might need as well
11-28-2021 , 01:36 PM
If Aaron Jones is active do we start him vs LAR in .5 PPR over Lockett @WSH?
11-28-2021 , 02:05 PM
I’d go Aaron.