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What hands to double barrel, vs what hands to make a delayed continuation bet?

The hands that would fall into both these categories seem very similar and I'm really not sure how to decide what to do between the 2 options (double barreling or delayed continuation bet.


We open KQ from the CO
Button calls

villain checks, hero...

Correct me if I'm wrong but this seems like a pretty good hand to cbet. BUT
if we check and turn a 9 or T, this would be a pretty good hand to make a delayed cbet with, right?

You guys have any tips with how to decide on the better option? Thanks
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Re: What hands to double barrel, vs what hands to make a delayed continuation bet?

You have the action out of order on the flop if we are cutoff and villain is button, which should affect our decision to cbet or check.

Otherwise since a delayed cbet involves checking the flop it makes sense to me that you first need to decide whether checking or betting the flop is more profitable and then if checking is more profitable, whether the turn card fits your flop checking range well enough to bet the turn.

In the hand and flop given there are some merits to cbetting, specifically you can get some A highs to fold their equity, you have 2 over cards, you have a backdoor straight draw, and villain has shown weakness by checking (if she acts first). Some disadvantages to cbetting are that 9 and T probably hits your villain's continuing range pretty well and you have no clubs which means villain may have more clubs in his range making it more likely he continues.

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