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I would like to get this forums opinion on tournaments and the proportion of luck vs skill that is required to be successful in the format. Im sure there have been a bunch of threads just like this one.

Since tournaments are such a large part of the poker ecosystem in 2018 im surprised more people are not asking this question.

In order to win an MTT so much has to go right, and the structure of MTT's leaves almost no margin for error. However there are a number of pro's who win relatively consistently, and sometimes string together enough wins that it is hard to say the format is not skill based.

Sometimes I think winning MTT's is more about 'showing up,' and putting yourself in a position to win over and over (and obviously you have to play really well too).

Anyway im curious to know what any of you think.

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Re: Tournaments:

I refer you to the ancient (but still relevant) blog articles by Noah S-D on the subject of variance:

MTTs are idiotic.
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