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Statistics after 100k

It is my statistics after 100k. I think I have pretty good W$SD = 56% and WWSF = 45 so I bluff a lot (or a little?).
Still, my winnings are quite small. I win about 2bb/100hands.

I do not know what to think about it. Where can I make mistakes? Am I a station? Probably not because I win 56% of showdowns. Am I unlucky in the long run? Or where is the problem?


Thank you for your feedback!
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Re: Statistics after 100k


W$SD of 56% is too high actually. Probably means you over fold earlier streets quite a bit which seems in line with your low WWSF of 45%.

W$SD should just be a bit over 50% usually (50-55 more normal). WWSF somewhat a function of your games and how often it goes multiway, how wide your preflop range is, and basically just how aggressive you are postflop. In pretty much any game, though, 45% would be seen as low, especially since you aren't particularly wide (25-21-10). Should aim to increase this to at least 48% and possibly take a look at defense frequencies on the flop facing c-bets; x/f frequencies across all streets, x/r frequency on flop textures etc.

Fold to 4bet of 66% is incredibly high. Whether or not you are exploiting your opponents by folding that much remains to be seen, but just note it's very high. Can be reasonable if they 4b extremely large and are just very nutted (like 3x 4b sizing 100% of the time), but yeah just seems quite high fold freq.
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