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hold on brb
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***Note: RustyBrooks is the primary mod for this forum now, contact him first with any issues.***

The forum regulars have overwhelmingly expressed their desire to keep topics related to poker theory so that's where we're at.

Before starting any new threads in this forum, please read the following basic guidelines.

1. New posters.

First, thanks for taking the time to read this. Feel free to post here, but we ask that before starting any new threads, please look through the "stickies" or "announcements" at the top of the Beginner's Forum also. Many questions and topics common from newer members have been asked and answered many, many times there. "Can I ever fold KK preflop" is a common one. The beginner's forum also has a much higher volume forum that can attend to your inquiry faster in most cases.

2. Threads should to be "reasonably" relevant to poker theory.

What constitutes theory can be pretty broad, so borderline cases are generally ok, but ideally threads should relate to the underlying principles and theoretical aspects of poker in some identifiable way - at least be in the ballpark. In other words, just because it has to do with poker, doesn't mean it's necessarily theory related.

3. Here some common off-topic thread subjects that generally don't belong here, and forums better suited for them.

"Hi, I'm new to poker and have a question..." - The Beginner's forum is probably where you want to start as I mentioned. And read the stickies! Some forums have a ton of great information in them that can help you.

"How do I avoid/deal with tilt?" - Psychology, Beginner's Forum, maybe BBV if there is entertainment value.

"How did I play this hand?" - Usually, the strategy forum specific to your game - sometimes these are okay, but only when there is some relevance to theory. I think you'll find the answers you receive in the proper strat forum will generally be more reliable than you will get here.

"How to I use Pokertracker [or other software]" - There is a sponsored Pokertracker forum, and also the software forum.

"Please help analyze my stats/graph" - Usually, the strat forums for the limits/game you play has a thread dedicated for this. I know uNL has a thread dedicated exclusively to stats for analysis, Heads Up NL has them in the monthly "low content" thread, and BBV usually has a monthly thread also. Check with the individual forum's stickies for info.

Non-poker-related subject matter - various places like BBV4L & OOT, or designated low-content threads within various forums.

Marketing your products/blogs/websites (etc) - Usually not permitted (unless specifically ok'd by Mat or another admin). The Marketplace thread is available for selling stuff, if but you need to have permission and have been a member for 6 months.

"I'm looking to stake/be staked" - staking subforum of the Marketplace. (I mod those by the way - please read the stickied rules first there as well!)

"What sites are best to play at?" - Internet Poker forum, maybe BBV. Clearly this type of thing doesn't belong here.

"Poker is rigged"/"I can't win"/"There seems to be an unusual patterns at XXXXX site where I seem to lose more than I should"/various conspiracy theories -

These claims are a dime a dozen, and many players unaccustomed to normal variance (or, more likely, losing players who over-estimate their skill) make them regularly. However, it takes more than a few unsubstantiated claims and about how your aces keep getting cracked or some unusual series of hands to amount to anything. If you feel that you have some kind of damning new evidence and can support it--see the Absolute and UB scandal threads, and the lengths they went to and the quality of evidence they had--then you can post it in the Internet Poker forum or BBV maybe.

Anything purposely intended to instigate/trainwreck/troll - Don't.

"Poker theory is stupid, man I just play by feel" - Without getting into the depth of this debate, let me just say that yes, there very important aspects of playing poker which don't always translate well into math or theory. However, if you're one of those that thinks the entire subject of poker theory and any discourse on it is nonsense and a complete waste of time, then there's no reason for you to be here ranting about it.

4. Don't be a d-bag.

We tend to have a wide range of skill levels represented here, and as a result the signal-to-noise ratio isn't always that great. You're going to see some posts you disagree with, and others that are just plain lolol awful.

Still, there's a difference in taking issue with someone's content and all-out attacking someone personally. If you want to take issue with something someone posted, have at it, but try to be specific as to what you disagree with and why. Just calling someone a moron or telling them to ***** isn't going to fly in this particular forum.

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