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Range Advantage & That kind of stuff

Hi all,

I've been reading up on all of this range advantage stuff, and how exactly to play certain hands, on certain flops, etc. A lot of what i've been doing i've tried to have it come intuitively. For example, KQ6 OOP with KJ you check since you need some Kx in checking range, this is a fine candidate, etc, etc.

But when i read on some sources, they say that you should be betting alot, as if you were trying to find areas to dump most of your garbage in so that you could turn them into +EV bluffs, and then other sources say that OOP you should do alot of checking, like for example if you're UTG vs BTN caller and flop comes 663.

So you say yeah, yeah, what are you getting at? And it's that it all just sounds like logic to me. Just ways to think about the game that sound correct or appropriate. It's like, if the way that i'm playing doesn't match or correspond to what i think would be a good way to play in which i'd be making money by, then i just wouldn't do it anyway.

So what gives? There are literally so many spots that we have to play out, and i'm still a beginner. Apparently you're supposed to be c-betting A-high boards 1/3rd pot because it makes for bad floats and difficult OOP turn play, and you're still supposed to bet BIGGER on certain board textures in order to deny equity that would've otherwise called you.

I think what i'm trying to say is, how am i supposed to know what works and what doesn't, when it still feels like everyone says different things, the game is still evolving, and that all of everything that's actually there just makes me not want to do any work with ranges and/or solvers.
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