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Question about 3betting

Playing heads up nl what hands should i 3bet with and what hands should i call 3bets with
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Re: Question about 3betting

3bet enough that you get paid off and call 3bets with hands you can't 4bet or fold..easy game

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Re: Question about 3betting

given no exploitative reasoning, 3betting anywhere from 12% to 25% is fine hu, exact ranges are hard to define, as people are no longer using the old polarized/merged disctinction and everybody is using semipolar/semimerged ranges to stay balanced when called.

vs 3bet, you should defend extremely wide (most people are overfolding to 3bets), good baseline would be smth like call 55% and 4bet 6-8%, leaving you with less than 40% fold to 3bet, adjusting few % depending on 3bet size and effective stack. This makes intuitively weak hands like J8o or 36s preflop calls.
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fat bastard 91
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Re: Question about 3betting

depends how long the heads up has been going and how much respect you have for the player in front of you. if he is a seasoned player respect for 3 bets goes way down. anything else as long as its early stages and you dont know anything about him i would respect it like 90 percent of the time
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Re: Question about 3betting

Are you playing readless 100bb deep cash (e.g. Zoom), or another format, like turbo HUSNGs? There are various charts available, but you should obviously deviate from them once you have reads/stats on a particular villain's tendencies.
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Re: Question about 3betting

You shouldn't deviate, because you shouldn't start with anything similar to GTO. Not unless you want to miss out on a load of profit anyway...

You can design your own 'standard' strategy which will be far more effective than GTO in those games. Or you can do what I do. Just go with the flow at the start of the game, if you hit big strong hands 3bet often, and then, keep an eye on your perceived range and rinse the opponent. If you are 3betting lots early on, be aware that your range looks weak when you 3bet so refrain from 3bet bluffing often... until your perceived range changes, and then change your play along with it.

Just follow the villains range and your perceived range, consider how they will change after you make your action, and then you will be able to rinse those games for far more profit that one of these guys who start with GTO.
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