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Re: Pokersnowie question

Originally Posted by ArtyMcFly View Post
It does look a bit peculiar. (Many 4-bet pot strategies look a bit weird, tbh).
There's no AK in villain's range (it stacks off pre). Snowie's flatting range in BBvSB vs a 4-bet looks more like JJ-77,AQs-ATs,KTs+,QJs,AQo-AJo although not every hand is 3bet or flatted 100%.
If it checks back some Qx on the flop, you've got more fold equity than you might think, as it has a bunch of underpairs and gutters that can't call a x-jam. The blocking and anti-blocking effects of JJ in this spot are way too complicated for my brain to handle. (You block value hands like QJs, but also block bluffs with KJs/AJo).
Whilst I understand what you're saying and tend to agree, I can't see V folding to a jam when they're getting over 4:1 pot odds. Due to the amount of hands I block (as you mentioned), I couldn't put V on a bluff and therefore there's no hands I can beat really. Strange one, still confuses me even after everyone's input .
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