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Poker Software

I was recently looking at all the poker software to improve my game. But, I'm not sure which one is good for me. I currently have flopzilla and was looking at piosolver and Crev, or poker ranger. I just want to know what the difference from those 3 programs are. I am interested in crev, but is it any different then poker ranger and flopzilla?
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Re: Poker Software

In my opinion, scripting is the coolest feature of solvers. If you buy a solver, having the ability to script will increase studying efficiency a lot. So if you buy a solver... get scripting. I own PIO pro and GTO+. I think GTO+ is the best bang for your buck, and I suspect it to become immensely more popular in the next year.

If you buy CREV you also get GTO+, which is a solver that does everything (except preflop) that PIO does and more (graphing features). It costs $75. CREV is outdated, the time it takes to build trees and input everything is super tedious. You can learn a lot from it, but there are better tools now.

PIO has the prettiest interface and smoothest gui. Also, most coaches (private, RIO, Upswing, etc) use the program. It costs $475 for the version that has scripting.

Pokerranger is nice in that you can get pretty ranges and it has a few cool tools. That said I don't think you'll get nearly as much value compared to the other programs. I don't use it anymore, but did for awhile cuz for some reason there was a bug that caused the trial to extend indefinitely lol.
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Re: Poker Software

Thanks for the info StraightFloooshm, I have looked up GTO+, just have one question on it. Does it give out lines how to play your range from a gto perspective like piosolver does or do I have to pay the extra money for piosolver for that.
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Re: Poker Software

What exactly are all the things that you are able to do with scripting? I own script-less version of PIO and think about upgrading.
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Re: Poker Software

script just allows you to solve multiple flops bascially

so you can set it up to solve 100 flops in a queue before you go to bed and come back in the morning to have them all done
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