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Poker Partner

This isn't exactly "theory" in the sense of this thread, but close anyway.

I think poker is a unique game, it's mostly an individual game. I don't see many poker teams, at least as much as I think there should or could be. Besides that, I think if everyone had a poker partner it would be good for the health of the community. You hear stories about and know about the swings that can occur. The emotional roller coaster can be crazy. And yeah you can have close friends, that also play, but when you sit across the table from them, that basically adds fuel to the fire.

If there were dedicated exclusive partners, it would bring some better community interactions or relationships as well.

Say Hellmuth and Matusow were partners, they wouldn't have to share money or anything like that, but just psychologically be on that level.

I think Galfond and Dwan kind of had this with their group, which was nice to see.

Also like Esfandiari and Laak, maybe they're the best example, they always seem to get along, they never let the hand get in the way of their respectful actions for each other. I think it would be awesome to see the powerful pair-ups and not like its advertised either so it would generate more discussion about the insider knowledge of poker.
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Re: Poker Partner

I would love to get into some sort of study group. Particular theory.
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