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Mixed Open & Shove approach to a blind level

At 20/40 with 10bb+ in my SNGs most players will both open raise 2-3bb (lets call this steal) and shove all in (calling this shove).

On average from all positions in an unopened pot 16% of opportunities see a steal and 10% see a shove as the first action. The remaining 74% are limped or folded. Players generally are using a mixed strategy with their PFR.

How can I approach this scenario to make an effective HUD? If I show the steal % of a player it is fairly irrelevant, likewise just the shove %. If I combine the two stats to a PFR number you can probably get an overall range, but when facing either a shove or a steal you can't use this combined range.

Likewise I am unsure on the best way to go about countering this split strategy as effectively as possible, particularly against a player on whom I have very few hands. Using population tendencies for ranges might be an option but I'm not sure.

Thoughts? What can I do?
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Re: Mixed Open & Shove approach to a blind level

I think some players use custom HUD stat pop-ups (where the RFI numbers are filtered for stackdepth) or add-on tools like Notecaddy.
You can probably find adverts for "professional custom tourney HUDs" if you search around, but it might be more fun to build your own if you have the inclination.
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