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Making flatting/3bet ranges in MTT

Hello guys, today I spend few hows with this, and more I do something, we more questions comes out I'm not new in MTT's playing couples years up to 33$, but never did too much work out of the table without hand history reviews & videos and decided to change that thing

So far most confusing thing is equity realisation factor. For example player A opens from MP 2 21%(22+,A2s+,K9s+,Q9s+,J9s+,T8s+,97s+,86s+,76s,65s ,ATo+,KJo+,QJo)
by min raising so on button we need 30% realised equity (because of antes and BB), some times we will get squeezes so make it 35%. So about 60% percent of hands have that equity including hands like K3o and so on, but ofcourse K3o I think dont realise more than 1/3 EQ. So how we should calculate that factor? Ofcourse I understand when we flat from BTN we have too look to BB and SB and they are passive we can flat more hands like 65s which have multiway playability, but overall how you construct your flatting range, how much more equity you want to have than you need (like you need 30% but you want to have 40% because of squeezes and etc). I understand that these ranges changes when you have diffrent stacksize, ICM situation and so on, but I think its pretty good thing to have some base line. So I hope you understand my question, my first language is not english so sorry if its no fluently written
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