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<30bb implied odds


I want to discuss implied odds and thought how stack sizes would change this concept.
Imagine a multiway pot with various draws on the board or preflop with a hand I'd normally 3bet with.
How do we approach this sort of situation?
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Re: <30bb implied odds

As a general rule of thumb, the lower the SPR the worse your implied odds are. Plays that rely on implied odds (setmining, weak suited hands, etc) become a lot less profitable when shortstacked, simply because you don't get paid enough when you hit your monster.

Conversely, raw equity and high-card strength become more important as stacks get shallower. Top pair becomes much more valuable shortstacked simply because it's much easier to realize your equity and the reverse implied odds are lower.

In a shortstacked multiway pot you're probably only playing with a single pot-sized bet behind, so the SPR is very low. Made hands are usually more valuable than draws in this situation, though the draws will often have enough equity to call anyway if the SPR is low enough.

In general, when playing multiway you want to play much more cautiously overall. Your hand needs to be much stronger to be considered a "value bet" in a multiway pot. This means that you need to bluff less often as well, since you don't have as much value. Your draws will often need to play passively in an attempt to keep the implied odds high enough to get paid when they hit; though you still need a few semibluffs to balance your value bets.
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