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Do perfect stats exist??

I was wondering if the perfect stats exist, by perfect stats, i mean when you try to exploit your opponent, the easiest way is to take a look at his hud stats(assuming you have enough sample). for example, if he fold too much against check raise, you would check raise him as long as you have a chance.

Are there hud stats that when yuo take a look, you hardly find a spot to exploit your opponent?

the reason i think this is a interesting topic is that if i know what the perfect stats look like, I can easily find a range to do certain thing in certain situation. for example, if i know the perfect stats for check raise is 10%, i would know which hands are in this 10%, or at least have a idea.(And of course this is based on the premise that this number is coming from enough hands)

please talk about your opinion, and if someone has already talked about it, please let me know.
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Re: Do perfect stats exist??

There's no such thing as perfects stats.

We can solve for "correct stats" given a specific situation, but that "correct" number changes drastically depending on the situation. The ranges, stacks, pot, bet sizes, villains tendencies, and board all effect the equation.

Your software probably has some kind of leak tracker feature. Those would represent "solid" frequencies typically representative of winning players. But it's never exact.

Instead of focusing on some magic numbers, try to focus on general exploits. If a hypothetical villain literally never check-raises, how would you exploit them? What if they are check-raising half their range? What if they only check-raise the top of their range? etc...

What I'm saying is, learn the fundamentals of exploitative play before trying to tune exact frequencies. Start with the most extreme situations and work your way forward.
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