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Can "AFq" replace "WWSF" in the HUD?

I know they don't measure the exact same thing, I'm just trying to keep my HUD as clean as possible.

I know "WWSF" is used in conjunction with WTSD and WSD to get an overall picture of a person's play.

Since I already have AFq in my HUD, wondering if this captures the post-flop aggression enough so that I don't necessarily need an extra stat telling me the same info, which may or may not be redundant.

Appreciate the input guys and gals!
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Re: Can "AFq" replace "WWSF" in the HUD?

WWSF can be also useful to gauge how villain deals with aggression. E.g. suppose Alice and Bob have similar VPIP and AFq, but Alice's WWSF is 55 while Bob's is 45. They're equally aggressive but Bob probably folds more to aggression.
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