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NLH flop check raise sizing

Flop Check Raise Sizing Question

Are there rules of thumb regarding check raise sizes vs various bet sizes? Like vs:

Bets of 25 percent of pot, half pot, pot, over bets... In different situations?

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Re: NLH flop check raise sizing

There are way too many factors that determine the xr sizing to be able to lay easy heuristics down in one post.

In general, the bigger the bet we face is, the smaller %sizing we raise. We can get stacks in by river more easily with smaller %s.
The more marginal pairs our range is incentiviced to raise, the smaller sizing we will use.
The lower the SPR, the smaller we can xr and still get stacks in.

There are more factors that are kinda difficult to explain, like how robust is the equity of our raises, what morphology villain's calling range has...
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