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Material on loose-agressive play? Material on loose-agressive play?

07-25-2009 , 04:46 PM
So in a loose 5/10 NLHE game where i'm likely to get called in at least 2 spots to every raise and up to 4-5 is it better to play a much tighter Tag style like 12/9 FR or stay laggy? I play in some super loose 5/10 games where i get 2-3 calls to almost EVERY raise.. I feel like i'm playing too laggy preflop because i'm not getting the value of cleaning out A9,Q9,J9 type hands when i raise 98s so i can value own myself vs bad players on 9 high flops protecting my hand vs FDs etc..
Material on loose-agressive play? Quote
07-27-2009 , 11:11 AM
Playing LAG, your average hand value is lower than the average TAG. So to compensate for this, you are required to steal more than your fair share of pots to break even because at showdown you will lose more pots. This is why lags need to be aggressive and loose passive players lose so much.

Generally be LAG in position so you have more information to compensate for your below average holdings. In addition, you need solid hand reading ability and opponents who can fold - ideally weaktight players. You can effectively imply stack commitment for the other player by making a bet or raise, without actually committing yourself, and induce a lot of folds.

As stated before, you will get played back at and this is where hand reading will be crucial. You may make TPTK and do your usual betting out and get C/Red. Does this mean your hand is no good or is your hand essentially under-repped due to your image? This is very villain dependent as some villains will always always have 'it' when then C/R and they wont C/R without the hand.

On the plus side you can bet your draws and monsters and expect action. But while doing this, occassionally balance your range and check a good draw or check a good hand. If they notice you always bet, they will check call you into the poorhouse.

Essentially you need to play villains hand and not your own to be a good LAG.
Material on loose-agressive play? Quote
07-27-2009 , 12:46 PM
Originally Posted by mvdgaag
My previous post describes how I would approach a game before I know how to exploit my opponents and how I would exploit bad players by loosening up. But playing some style of poker is wrong in essense imo. A reactive style is much more profitable: Make the highest EV play based on what you think about your opponent's range and tendencies and be right most of the time.

If this means you play small ball or big bet poker, tight or loose, agressive or passive, whatever, so be it. Just don't try to play a certain style just because you like it or think it's right for some reason other than exploiting your opponent as much as you can.

Also run hot obv .

'Small stakes NL holdem' and 'NLHE theory and practice' (especially the concepts in the end of the book), are the best books for NLHE imo.

I'm going to read it all
ps: you're avatar rocks sir
Material on loose-agressive play? Quote