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RPM Account Closed

Hey, I'm starting a new thread about my horrible experience with RPM Poker, I created an account there about a month or so ago, and after my initial deposit of $200 and playing for about 2 Weeks, they permently suspended my account WITHOUT REASON. I tried to get an explanation for about 2 weeks and they have yet to tell me anything! I sent numerous emails and this breif chat with RPMJON:

RPMJon: [12:52] Welcome to RPM Poker VIP Chat Support. How can I help you today?
Me: [12:52] Suspended Account!
RPMJon: [12:52] Hey there
Me: [12:52] My account has been suspended!
[12:53] Username is BGGand1man
RPMJon: [12:53] Your account has been permanently closed and a check has been requested.
Me: [12:53] Why?
RPMJon: [12:55] Unfortunately I am unable to comment on the reasons through chat. You can email with any further questions.
Me: [12:56] Will I get back my money?
RPMJon: [12:56] As I mentioned above, a check has been requested.
Me: [12:56] Wtf does that mean?
RPMJon: [12:57] It means a check request has been made.
[12:58] Was there anything else I could help you with today?
Me: [12:59] This makes no sense... I have done nothing wrong
[12:59] And to close my account without reason seems corrupt
RPMJon: [13:00] I'm sorry you feel that way.
[13:00] Please contact Merge Security directly with any questions relating to your account. Have a good day.
Me: [13:00] I'll make sure to post this BS on all possible forums
RPMJon: [13:01] That's fine. You can certainly do that and you will be given the same answer.
[13:01] Take care.

This is the chat in its entirety. Again I have sent emails to all the RPM Reps., and still haven't received a response. This site is a fraud and I strongly suggest that noone uses it. Anyone with questions or comments, I will be happy to respond.
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Re: RPM Poker Scam

did you email as instructed yet?
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Re: RPM Poker Scam

Your account was closed by Merge Security due to circumstances that I am not going to comment on publicly. If you would like additional information you can email
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