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The Yugoslavian
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Re: Yugo's log of will he or won't he

Got to finally play the strongest regular last night again. I lost, although I did put up a decent fight trying to hang on even after ending up in a losing endgame. I really missed a couple of easy things during the critical few moves of the games. On one of the moves I even burned tons of clock and never saw a likely repetition. Very strange but I guess this stuff happens to me every game. I also came up with a plan and then forgot to play the main move - I was trying to make a different move work (if it worked then I think it would be better) and then I think I completely forgot about the main move, :/.

As penance I finished the woodpecker method today. Very happy with my results although so far I don't really think it's helping my play - if anything I think it's impeded my play since I'm a bit burned out from doing this intensive studying all week!

The Woodpecker Method Final Results:

cycle 1: 40 hours, 87% (book)
cycle 2: 18 hours, 92% (book)
cycle 3: 10:30 hours, 92% (chessable)
cycle 4: 7 hours, 92% (chessable)
cycle 5: 4:51, 96% (chessable)
cycle 6: 3:17, 98% (chessable)

I am definitely glad I didn't wait for the 7th cycle to do it all in one day. I took Monday off for this but since I was working from home today and things were slow I went for it. Now I can possibly take Monday off completely.
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Old 10-11-2018, 12:27 PM   #377
The Yugoslavian
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Re: Yugo's log of will he or won't he

I'm at a bit of a loss for what major thing to concentrate on now that I've been through The Woodpecker Method. I've been watching Yusupov's video series on prophylaxis. Very enjoyable and I try to "actively learn" during it but who knows how helpful it actually is.

Here is a list of the stuff I have "on deck" in one way or another. It is always daunting but I'd really like to get to all of it...

- Review my repertoires X number of times per week or month via chessable
- Start learning the London System via The Agile London System on chessable
- Learn additional Hyper Accelerated Dragon lines on chessable (additional options vs. Maroczy Bind and 7.Bc4)
- Play blitz games or rapid games and go over the opening in each one, adding to my current files as applicable

Middlegame (positional/strategic):
- Finish Gelfand's Positional Decision Making (only have 1 chapter left).
- Finish all non-opening chapters of Yusupov book I put on hold (11 chapters)
- Finish 45 chess techniques book ( perhaps put many into flashcards or try to get it put on chessable (or do it myself) for periodic review
- Start Hellsten's Mastering Chess Strategy

- Go through 100 endgames you must know on chessable again, taking all of the tests
- Start Dvoretsky's endgame manual on chessable
- Start Aamteur to IM
- Start Hellsten's "Mastering Endgame Strategy"
- Train endgame positions file vs. an engine from Pump Up Your Rating

- Review Woodpecker set every 6 weeks via chessable
- Do advanced Woodpecker problems via chessable
- Review "Improve your chess tactics: 700 practical lessons & exercises" and do the exam problems via chessable
- 1001 beginner tactics via chessable
- chesstempo (not logged in to work on doing easy tactics quickly)

- Chesstempo standard: hard problems that will take 5+ minutes
- Chess Puzzle Book via chessable
- Analysis homework (pick a game in one of my openings and write down my moves for one side)

- Figure out a better system for analyzing my own games
- Create a "flashcard" system where I put any important positions from my games or study materials into a flashcard database. Perhaps even putting them all on chessable to study routinely
- Watch Yusupov and Dvoretsky videos on chess24 that I haven't watched
- Start Zurich 1953
- Start Modern Chess Strategy
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The Yugoslavian
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Re: Yugo's log of will he or won't he

Just "fired" my chess coach. I finally just got too tired of trying to get him to be a different coach than he is. I think if he wasn't at University and coaching was a higher priority it would have worked out much better.

Frustrating, since at this point I feel he has seen and discussed so many of my games that it will be hard for any new coach to be as helpful - but I just don't want to do all the work in between lessons in terms of scheduling, asking Qs, homework, discussing what I can do for my weaknesses, etc. etc. I understand I need to do all the actual chess work but I want someone who can take a more active role in guiding/encouraging/discouraging me.

If I had to summarize the biggest issues, it's that I want help knowing:

a) what my weaknesses are
b) guidance on how to work on them
c) guidance on my general work plan between lessons/over time
d) opening advice (or other advice) tailored towards what would fit *me* well - not just opening(s) my coach knows better
e) general encouragement and positive reinforcement

Every time I tried to ask him about any of these things, he'd provide me with helpful advice, but I always had to spend a bunch of energy asking and often felt he never really understood what I wanted. E.g. He'd give me opening advice but it wouldn't really make much sense with my repertoire and/or didn't seem to follow what my play style is/should be. Tbh, I still have never gotten a satisfactory answer as to what he feels my strengths are in terms of play style. I think he said once I seem good at attacking...but it's too vague. I understand for weak players style may be somewhat irrelevant, but, after seeing so many of my games I really want somewhat "objective" insight into things like this that is very difficult to figure out for myself.

Up until recently I think I was more okay with just having a coach to make sure I didn't quit chess (e.g. like having a trainer in the gym just to make sure you show up). However, I don't think I need one for that any longer and even though the lessons were good, my life has too much going on to never know when the next one would be.

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