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Market Research for a Book


I have a new idea for writing opening repertoire books. The idea is instead of having 1 repertoire for White or Black you have 3 repertoires for both colours in 1 book. How do we achieve this? Well we focus on ideas, philosophy and plans and cut off all theory at move 10, but include annotated games to show the plans for both sides.

The plan for the book is to have 3 ten move repertoires for each side, broadly speaking 1 attacking repertoire each, 1 positional repertoire each and 1 God mode repertoire each. The God mode repertoire is based on popular openings at the top level, but less theory heavy so that on move 10 you will have a good idea what you're doing.

I want to aim the book at exactly the level of readers of this forum, up to 2000 FIDE and with other interests than chess and limited time to spend on it.
By the time the book is written I'll be around 2100 FIDE and therefore more in touch with club players' thinking than titled players. So here are my market research questions.

1) When was the last time you played 10 moves of theory in a chess game?
2) Do you think knowing 20 moves of theory is overrated?
3) Do you think it is a good thing in chess to switch between different styles, and do you think playing in different styles helps your game?
4) Would you buy a reasonably priced book from a 2100 FIDE with 2200 ICCF (International Correspondence Chess rating) with an emphasis on plans and structures and stopping theory on move 10?
5) Do you think I should stop with this idea and do something more constructive with my life?

Thanks in advance.

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Army Eye
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Re: Market Research for a Book

I'm in favor of the concept of playing a variety of openings as a developing player. I did do that, and of course it's impossible to quantify, but I definitely feel like it helped me.

So it's an intriguing idea. That said, to answer your question about me personally, as someone who is bouncing between 2050-2100 USCF now, I don't think I'd buy such a book now; I feel like I'm at the point where I'm refining my repertoire, not looking for a new one.
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