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You played like a world champion!


If you play an online match on Backgammon Studio and do really well (PR below 2.5) you get the audio feedback "You played like a world champion!". That is a sweet morale boost! :-) (Doesn't happen very often but still!)

That got me thinking, has any Backgammon World Champion played like a World Champion? :-) (Ie. played below 2.5 in the final).

So how do you locate all WC final matches quickly? On Backgammon Studio you can find all matches from a tournament but that narrows it down to 251 matches. Which ones of these are finals?

This is where the event filter can come in handy:

By selecting the 'Final' event and there you go. This only worked after I cleaned up the data and identified all the finals as usually the Event entry in XG match files are pretty random.

Looks like nobody has managed to do this yet! Mochy was so close! :-)

This also revealed that I am missing one final from 2008. says it was:

July 6-15, 2008; Monte Carlo, Monaco

CHAMPIONSHIP (199): 1-Lars Trabolt (Denmark), 2-Mario Sequeira (Portugal)

Does anybody have this match? Then again perhaps somebody forgot to turn on the camera recording or something else failed.

I also found some older mention of WC finals but maybe they were not recorded either?

July 12-18, 1999; Monte Carlo, Monaco

CHAMPIONSHIP (231): 1-Jörgen Granstedt (SWE), 2-Gadi Carmeli (ISR)

July 13-19, 1998; Monte Carlo, Monaco

CHAMPIONSHIP (220): Main: 1-Michael Meyburg (Germany), 2-Elliott Winslow (USA/Denmark)

If you have any of these matches I'd love to include them in the database! And any other match from Monte Carlo or other international tournament!

Backgammon Studio The Swiss army knife of backgammon!

Best regards,
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