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Sweden delivers!


Swedish Open is just over and I am receiving a lot of matches from Jesper Carlsson!

Congratulations to the winner Laila Leonhardt and finalist Cyrus Vafa! Judging by the PR performances below that was a very tough crowd to defeat!

Some highlights (very strong PR performance by both players):

Freddie Noer (2.31) - Elias Kritikos (2.99) 13pt Swedish Open 11-09-2017 SJ QF

Christian Sorensen (2.08) - Pawel Bilewitz (3.43) 13pt Swedish Open 2017-09-14

Steen Grønbech (3.50) - Sebastian Wilkinson (2.74) 13pt Swedish Open 10-09-2017

Thomas Tenland (4.72) - Steen Grönbech (3.27) 7pt Swedish Open 2017-09-09

Steen Grønbech (2.72) - Peter Naguib (5.46) 13pt Swedish Open 09-09-2017

Mårten Howe (3.89) - Jörgen Granstedt (4.58) 13pt Swedish Open 2017-09-08 R2

Matt Reklaitis (3.82) - Jörgen Granstedt (5.09) 13pt Swedish Open 2017-09-12 R3

Sebastian Wilkinson (5.01) - Johan Moazed (4.75) 13pt Swedish Open 10-09-2017

Thomas Tenland (4.50) - Jörgen Granstedt (5.50) 13pt Swedish Open 2017-09-09

Laila Leonhardt (4.99) - Konrad Fröschl (5.56) 13pt Swedish Open 2017-09-15 SF

Mårten Howe (5.01) - Börje Sundbom (5.65) 7pt Swedish Open 2017-09-09

In total I have so far received 24 matches from this tournament! Amazing!

Thanks a lot to Jesper Carlsson and others who have contributed with transcribed matches!

If you would like to download these matches please log in on server and go to the matches list. And if you're sitting on transcribed matches that haven't found its way into the database please consider sharing! Sharing is caring! :-)

I have also received a few matches from Silicon Valley Open from David Klausa! Thanks a lot!

In other news:

Oh hey! Backgammon Studio just reached 1700 registered users!

I have deleted a few registrations where the email address didn't work so if you were unable to register please try again with a different address or email me directly at and I'll help you out!

And what is this then?

Very mysterious! :-)

Oh wait! Is it Friday today? Ok I have thrown in another training track:

Backgammon Studio The Swiss army knife of backgammon!

Best regards,
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