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Exclamation Rigged dices

Hi all.
There have been a few attempts in this forum to start a discussion about rigged dices. I think this is a very interesting issue. In spite many developers promising their dices are straight, it is very often not so.
Imagine: You are a great programmer, capable of mastering the HW platform, creating great graphics, formulating a strong backgammon strategy and even able to set up a whole game on the web.

Wouldn't you be tempted to rigg dices, so that it would not be possible to "see" that or prove with existing statistical tools?

Of course, you would.

Most people calculate the fairness of the dices by counting doubles. You can see such a counter at some sites, trying to convince you, how fair they are.

I have tried to complain to the creator of XG.
It is in fact a site with excellent strategy, that wouldn't need such a low way of rigged dices to beat you, I believe.
On this site there is a clear statement, that the creator would NOT discuss rigged dices, but somehow he answered my question, why there are so many doubles at the initial roll. It turned out he was misinterpreting trivial statistics rules. When I pointed out that, he simply stopped communicating.

That's why I would like to open a discussion, that would help us disclose the sites with rigged dices and hopefully made them fair.

There are a few initial questions, that hopefully, somebody was fighting with:

1. What statistics methods can be used to measure the "fairness" of dices.
(silasmilas30 suggested a few in his thread Backgammon Galaxy dice are rigged)

2. Is there a way to guarantee, that the series of dices was independent of the game development? Like an in advance generated list.

I will kick off this with:
After I got fed up with XG I played a number of "matches" on BG Legends (very similar to Lord of the Board) My feeling was, that there are too many times, that you think "there is only one way to get out of this" and this is exactly the way it turns out (both for the opponent and for me, that is). With other words: the system uses "extreme dices" to ruin you or the opponent, so you will buy more "cash".

The biggest problem with all ways of rigged dices according to me is, that it is teaching you the wrong way to play BG. When you play BG, you are using calculated risk both moving chips and deciding when it's time for double or accepting double. This decision is ruined when you discover, that the dices are sometimes evil or lucky.
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