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Backgammon Forum hosted by Bill Robertie. Discussion of anything related to backgammon: strategy, problems, books, clubs, and tournaments.

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Oh hey! Even more matches!


New matches keeps showing up at Backgammon Studio! Sweet! Mochy sent me all his matches from NY Metro! Thanks a lot!

Mochy (0.96) - Anthony Wuersch (8.43) 11pt NYMO 2017 1-7-2017 Conso

Mochy (0.77) - Bahman Zandi (3.84) 5pt NYMO 2017 2017-01-08 Last chance

Mochy (1.63) - Larry Shiller (12.64) 13pt NYMO 2017 2017-01-06 Main L128

Mochy and Monty (2.26) - Mike Senkiewicz (4.75) 7pt NY Metro 2017-01-17 Doubles

Mochy (2.58) - CJC and Shay Asraff (9.07) 7pt NY Metro 2017-01-06 Doubles

ScottyK and Larrry (10.09) - Mochy (2.87) 7pt NY Metro 1-6-2017 Doubles

Is it possible for Mochy to deliver an even more impressive PR performance than he already does? Check! Amazing!

Bob Wachtel dug into his match archive and found a few matches that haven't been made public before to my knowledge. Sweet! Thanks a lot!

Bob Wachtel (3.89) - Paul Magriel (3.89) 15pt Costa Rica 1992

Bob Wachtel (4.85) - Morten Holm (3.40) 9pt Cancun Dec 2001 M2

Bob Wachtel (6.30) - Morten Holm (4.43) 9pt Cancun Dec 2001 M1

Bob Wachtel (2.84) - Malcolm Davis (5.32) 9pt Cancun 2001 Masters 122001

Paul Magriel (5.35) - Bob Wachtel (7.69) 15pt Cavendish May 1983

And Gothenburg Open is still producing match transcriptions! An amazing effort from Jesper Carlsson and his transcription team! Thanks a lot!

Michihito Kageyama (4.07) - Johan Bynell (5.88) 13pt Gøteborg Open 2017 BMAB R4

Conny Ericsson (3.81) - Johan Bynell (5.01) 13pt Gøteborg Open 2017 BMAB R3

By registering and logging in you can explore a lot of interesting features including playing any of the above matches as one of the original players and then compare how well you would have played that match. Good fun!

Backgammon Studio The swiss army knife of backgammon!

Best regards,
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