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New match video transcriptions


There has been some complaining about the lack of transcriptions in other forums but it isn't as bad as some may want it to look like!

The last few days has seen a great upturn in match transcriptions submitted to Backgammon Studio:

Lars Trabolt:
Volker Sonnabend (GER) VS Mislav Kovacic (CRO): Video Match

Juergen Orlowski Vs Kazuki Yokota Gibraltar 09 02 17: Video Match

Nordic Open 2017 - DK vs. The World, Speed Gammon: Lars Trabolt (DK) - Petko Kostadinov (USA): Video M1 M2 M3 M4 M5

Lars Trabolt (DEN) (R) (Win) VS Cüneyt Argun Genç (TR) (B): Video Match

4 Ingo Mohr GER R Lars Trabolt DEN B Win: Video Match

Antoinette Williams (USA) B - Lars Trabolt (Denmark) R: Video Match

Petko Kostadinov vs Mikael Vardanyian: Video Match

Arda Fındıkoğlu vs Zdenek Zizka: Video Match

Rob Adams:
Colorado State 2017 Main Rd 1 Carter Mattig v Sean Garber - 11 pt: Video Match

Michel Serrero Veronique Chomaz (FRA) (R) (Win) VS Frank Frigo Fred Frigo (USA) (B): Video Match

Thanks a lot to Lars and Rob for your efforts! Thomas Tenland also dusted off a match he had laying about:

Thomas Tenland:
Nordic Open 2017 - DK vs. The World, Doubles: Olsen/Lylloff (DK) - Tenland/Kovačić (The World): Video Match

Thanks a lot! This is obviously something everybody can do without too much effort. Take a look in your match archive and see if you have any matches that you've done that you haven't submitted to Backgammon Studio (or any other public archive). Visiting the transcription section on Backgammon Studio (menu/videos/match video transcriptions from the home screen) and search for your own name can reveal some missing matches but this section is obivously not complete and many matches are never uploaded to youtube to begin with.

I also chipped in and transcribed a shockingly long 3 hour video! (which was actually closer to 50 minutes of match play :-) ):

Colorado State 2017 Fighters Bracket Carter Mattig v Matt Cohn-Geier - 9 pt: Video Match

I also transcribed one match from Bill Robertie (Way too few matches from him in the database!). It is not clear who is who in the video (Bill can confirm this) but a comment mentioned that Bill is the top player in the video. Bill played on 2.99 so this sounds right! :-)

Michigan Backgammon 2016 Ben Friesen vs Bill Robertie Main: Video Match

Not the matches you were looking for? You know what to do! :-) If not let me know and I'll help you out!

Backgammon Studio The Swiss Army knife of backgammon!

Best regards,
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