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Backgammon Forum hosted by Bill Robertie. Discussion of anything related to backgammon: strategy, problems, books, clubs, and tournaments.

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Looks like I'm not running out of ideas for new training tracks as I keep making big errors! :-) The other day I had a problem of what to do with my anchor in a 5 point prime. Keep it and avoid some gammons or make a run for it? Needless to say I chose poorly! :-)

Today I have added another training track:

Lifeline! An anchor in a 5 point board is your lifeline to keep you alive and avoid too many gammons but sometime you just have to run. Make a run for it?

How well can you handle this type of situation? Visit Backgammon Studio and find out! :-)

This is the 90'th training track!

Backgammon Studio The Swiss army knife of backgammon!

Best regards,
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