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Beta Version of BGBlitz 3.0 available Beta Version of BGBlitz 3.0 available

03-18-2023 , 09:59 AM
Hi all,
A beta version of the forthcoming BGBlitz 3.0 is available. In a nutshell:
  • clocks
  • heatmap to check how lucky a roll was,
  • access to Hugh Sconyers 2 sided Bear-off database,
  • batch analyzes (analyze all your DG matches with a handfull of clicks)
and more...

You can get more informations and the downloads (Windows, MacOS, Linux) here:

feedback appreciated. Enjoy.

Beta Version of BGBlitz 3.0 available Quote
05-02-2023 , 09:31 AM
I uploaded a new version (2.9.9b10) at

a couple of fixes and one mentionable usability improvement: in the best moves box it is now more comfortable to view the resulting position.

I most probably will only do fixes from now on and expect to publish it end of May.

Beta Version of BGBlitz 3.0 available Quote
09-24-2023 , 10:50 AM
BGBlitz 3.0 release canditate available

I had already uploaded a beta version of BGBlitz in May and actually only had one nasty bug from my list to fix. But it took me two months to realise that it was most likely not in my code.

So I had to wait for a new release of the software I use, which was released last week and I uploaded a release candidate for BGBlitz 3.0 yesterday.
Because it took so long, I fixed a few more bugs and hope that I only have to raise the version number for the final release.

You can find the SW here:

Please note: for all those who bought the licence before 2007, this is not a free update, so either stay with 2.9.2 or wait until I have updated the website and then pay a moderate update fee. The easiest way to find out is to go to "Help / About BGBlitz", it says up to which version the updates are free.

Beta Version of BGBlitz 3.0 available Quote