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Best time control for improvement ?


I started BG 6 months ago.
In chess, i know the debate for which time control we should play has always existed. In chess, the pragmatic choice i made was to play all time controls because each has advantages and disadvantages.

By playing blitz (game in chess you have less than 5 minutes for all your moves), you can play more games and see more ideas.
By playing rapid/slow games, you try to see more deeply in ur positions.

I have no clear idea on Backgammon, but my intuition would say to me its the same.

Which time control do you think is best to improve ? What's ur opinions ? I play on backgammongalaxy, both casual (3+15) and normal (1+10).

(PS : what seems to increase my level in BG and that i never did in chess is to screenshot and save pictures on positions where i blundered, and save all blunders in files by categories. I recommend it. Also if a generous player veteran is ok to share his "error files pictures in folders" with me, i would be so glad ! I can do also the same and give mine for beginners, still some of the name of my folders is in french )
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Re: Best time control for improvement ?

Live tournaments in the US are set at 2 min per point + 12sec. This is what I practice with most often.

Speedgammon live is 1 min + 12sec.

Online the difference is that the dice rolls are automatic. saving what maybe 3 seconds per turn.
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