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Best PR Performance ever in long matches


Yesterday during the streaming of the XG Masters final a question came up about which was the best PR performance ever and it was suggested that this match was one of the best ever. I had to check and it was!

This is only as complete as the completeness of the match database. Don't hesitate to make it more complete! :-)

A huge Japan/Denmark dominance here! Very impressive! One Norwegian did manage to sneak in! Way to go Sondre! And if you combine all these together we have a winner! :-)

25 pt:
  • Winner: Masayuki Mochizuki 1.45 : Match
  • Runner up : Masanori Ichikawa 1.82 : Match
  • So close : Thomas Kristensen 1.83 : Match (*)

(*) Thomas Kristensen vs Freddie Noer XG Masters final 17/12/2018

23 pt:
  • Winner : Thomas Kristensen 1.99 : Match
  • Runner up : Masayuki Mochizuki 2.53 : Match
  • So close : Steen Grønbech 2.76 : Match

21 pt:
  • Winner : Jess Danielsen 1.80 : Match
  • Runner up : Petko Kostadinov 1.83 : Match
  • So close : Masanori Ichikawa 1.96 : Match

19 pt:
  • Winner : Sondre Rike 1.19 : Match
  • Runner up : Steen Grønbech 1.33 : Match
  • So close : Lars Trabolt 1.64 : Match

17 pt:
  • Winner : Steen Grønbech 1.24 : Match
  • Runner up : Thomas Kristensen 1.31 : Match
  • So close : Marc Olsen 1.40 : Match

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Happy holidays!

Best regards,
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Re: Best PR Performance ever in long matches

Wow amazing really testimony how much work they have put into the game.
And thank you tp for the number
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