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We're ahead by 4 pips

How do you approach this type of decision?


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Karol Szczerek
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Re: 1-1

We're ahead in the race (contact aside, we're somewhere near 60-65% mark after the roll), the race is what this position will most likely unfold as, so I'd just race and go with 11/9(2) (should be better than a bit stretchy 11/10(2) 8/7(2)). It's safest and produces some hitting numbers when Black tries to escape with some 6s and maybe 5s. It gives Black some bad 4s and 3s, with which he has to shuffle checkers inside his homeboard, which is great for us race-wise. I don't see an advantage in holding back on the 11pt with something like 8/6(2). I didn't count, but I don't think it produces more ways to attack if Black exposes and it's problematic next roll if Black keeps the anchor. 8/7(2) 4/3(2) is a possibility, too, but it's a bit clumsy race-wise.

11/9(2) for me.
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old hand
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Re: 1-1


You are winning the race and clearing the point 6 away from his anchor is going to be difficult. Moving your back men closer will make that point easier to clear in the upcoming rolls.

And you want him to have to run off his anchor when he rolls a 6x, either leaving a blot behind or making it easier to bear in for the race.
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