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Re: Richard Dawkins on Whale Evolution

Originally Posted by stremba70 View Post
Not to mention, whales don’t have gills. This is certainly consistent with a timeline where fish (with gills) were the earliest vertebrates, with terrestrial vertebrates, including mammals, developing later. Obviously, the selection pressure for gills in land animals is minimal, so it makes sense that gills were cooped into other functions and/or disappeared entirely. Once aquatic mammals developed, made possible by the extinction of water-dwelling reptiles, they would not have gills, just like any other mammal.

The real question is (and one that I’ve asked on several of these threads without receiving even a token response) is how is the lack of gills in whales consistent with the notion of creation of whales by a designer? Assuming some flavor of creationism, the designer obviously knew what gills are and knew that they would be useful for aquatic creatures — look at all the species of fish. Why then would even a reasonably intelligent designer (let alone the omnipotent, omniscient one that IDers REALLY mean) think it was a good idea to design a creature that would live exclusively in the ocean, but could drown unless it surfaces periodically?

Does God hate whales or what???

yeah. why tf would you intelligently design a water creature w/o the ability to breathe in the water?
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