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Religion, God, and Theology Discussion of God, religion, faith, theology, and spirituality.

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RGT Rules: Read This First! (Updated 7/18/11)

This forum hosts a diversity of personalities and opinions. Most anything goes, but there are three rules:

Stay on Topic:

This is the appropriate forum to discuss any religious belief, as well as faith, spirituality, deity, apologetics, theology, and so on. As most debates about the validity of evolution have some religious basis, this is also the forum for discussion of creationism and intelligent design. If you create a thread unrelated to these subjects, it will be moved to the appropriate forum.

Respect the Tone of the OP:

Argument and controversy go without saying given the subject matter. All the same, not everyone is looking for a fight. Save acrimonious posts for acrimonious threads, and allow those who disagree with you to discuss their views peacefully.

Follow the 2+2 Terms and Conditions:

This should be self-explanatory; don't break the site rules. You can find a list here.

Abusive behavior will not be tolerated:

Abusive behavior includes, but is not limited to,

-Personal attacks ex. Theists are dumb, poster A is retarded, group B is deluded
-Trolling a poster ex. Quoting a post with the sole purpose of ridiculing what was said.

Harassment of another poster is will also not be tolerated:

Harassment includes, but is not limited to, gossip about other posters (ex. Poster A is a spoof account or this might be a picture of poster B) and continually bumping of a thread or following that poster into other threads trying to get them to respond to your post. You are NOT entitled to a response to your post. This is the internet, if they don't want to respond then they do not have to. Others should not suffer the derailment of a thread while you chase another poster.

Derailing of threads will be closely monitored:

RGT has a deep history of great thread derails that turned a bad thread into a great one. But never has that happened by people derailing the thread to treat the forum like their personal blog or general random mocking of public figures or more generally ****ty posts. Posts will be deleted at Mod discretion.

Double Posting Deleted Posts:

If your post gets deleted, it should stay deleted. Reposting your post after it has been deleted will get you infraction points.

Violation of any of these rules will result in deletion of post up to infraction points depending on the severity of the violation. The first infraction given will be 10 points for 3 months. Every subsequent infraction worthy violation will be doubled. (ex. 2nd violation 20 points for 6 months).

Rules for High Content (HC) threads:

1. You must get approval via PM from either JibNinjas or Madnak before posting a HC thread and labeling it such. If you do not the thread changed from a HC thread to a normal thread, and will not be allowed to be a HC thread.

2. HC threads will be heavily modded, the OP will have input on what posts get deleted (via PM), but the mods reserve the right to over rule.

3. No Blogs allowed. If you are the only one posting suitable posts in your thread and yet you keep bumping it, the thread will be locked.

4. There will be no "theists only" or "atheists only" threads approved, so don't even ask. If you want to converse with only theists, or only atheists there are plenty of those types of forums out there.

5. If you post in the thread (or any thread) or make a new thread asking why your post got deleted or complaining that your post got deleted you will automatically get infraction points. All questions should be PM'd to a mod.

6. Do not post a thread or make posts saying how the HC threads are dumb. If you don't like them then don't post in them and simply ignore them. Starting a thread or make posts on this topic will also get you infraction points.

7. Excessive attempts at derailing a HC thread will get you infracted.

8. Bumping your own post or posting trying to get someone to answer your post will get you infraction points automatically. Everyone can see what posts are in the thread, no one owes you a response to your post.

That's all. Have fun posting!

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