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Religion, God, and Theology Discussion of God, religion, faith, theology, and spirituality.

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Aaron W.
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Re: Pick a religion

Originally Posted by batair View Post
Ah. But the odds on Jesus are well defined which is why you quoted the response instead of making your point with the poster who started the odds making up game.
I chose to respond to your post instead of the other for reasons that cannot be stated and are mostly irrelevant anyway.

In the context of the hypothetical, it's absolutely well defined. Here are the odds. What is your response?

Whether these odds have any bearing on reality is an entirely different matter.

If he is making up odds he needs to put more into it then one God and there punishments to be fair.
No. It's a fair question as stated.

A: Suppose you have an urn with 9 white balls and 1 black ball...
B: What if the urn had 10 white balls? And what about blue balls? This is not fair because it doesn't represent all the possibilities.

I think person B is literally quite nuts if he thinks he objection has any bearing on the conversation.

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