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Re: Gay wedding cakes

Originally Posted by well named View Post

It seems a bit perverse to me to call this the price of freedom when the price is borne entirely by the same people who are rendered less free. It sounds a lot more like oppression than freedom.
Oh give me a break. Black people are the only people who have suffered from American society's norms? What about the Irish, or Catholics, or people who dont speak English? There is no limit to the amount of suffering or adversity of x with relation to y you can find in a society because there is no limit to the number of outlying 'minority groups' you can find that dont quite fit in. It's quite clear the the more inclusive you try to be for everyone with laws, the more and more you push out those people who actually are the norm, and then you get Donald Trump. Once the norm is gone, you dont have a society anymore. This is actually the major line of thinking with groups like the alt right. Limited to this they are quite correct, their solutions are of course idiotic.

I think society after the passage of the CRA is meaningful more free for African Americans, and that freedom comes at negligible costs to anyone else.
And I would have agreed until the past 10 years or so. It's getting out of hand now and the source of the problem is anti discrimination legislation.

Not really. White supremacists add an additional premise: the inevitability of their own racism.
Which I agree with. Racism and bigotry is part of human nature, and will never go away.

It's not a compliment. When I say "frustrating" I don't mean in the sense of it being challenging because you argue well. I mean in the sense that you are often obnoxious, ignorant, and argue in apparent bad faith.
Well I still take it as a compliment, because I generally don't do any of those things, so this leads me to believe you really do have problems dealing with my arguments.

I only engaged in this meta-discussion about your posting because you brought it up. I'm not too interested in evaluating everyone's posting. Although I think you are confused about lagtight, as far as I can tell he basically agrees with your position.
Sorry not lagtight, uke_master. Nice evade BTW. No one wants to call out their own.
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