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01-24-2023 , 05:13 PM
In the ancient past Man approached the world, inner and outer, in more of a dream like condition. His ability to merge with the outer world in this condition allowed external nature to be experienced such as he lived within the flowing river, the violent thunderstorm, the fleeting spiral of the bird flight, within his soul. As mentioned earlier "Thou art that" . The scattering of the stars, movement of the planets and divine majesty of the sun was him "Thou art That".

But there was more as his inner experiences of his body were forthcoming such as the flow of blood were related to the flowing river, not intellectually, but by divine knowledge, a knowledge not of debate but direct inner perception. He knew that the inner forces and movements were the same as outer and he experienced inner organs , liver as Jupiter, gall bladder as mars, spleen as Saturn , lungs as Mercury, kidneys as Venus, nervous system as Moon.

In our nominalist times these names of our companion's of the sky are no more than appellations of convenience , from ancient times certainly, but without meaning. Primitive man experienced his inner digestive process within the movements of liver or gall bladder as the transposed movements of an external reality of Jupiter and Mars.

Out of esoteric knowledge comes "As Above, So Below". His inner Jupiter, or inner Mars buoyed by the majesty of the Heart or inner Sun was his experience of cosmic happenings.

All the above but he was not truly Man for the future was not his as of yet. The "Ego" or "I" was not yet released into the realm of "freedom" from necessity into a cognitive judgment of individuality. The fourth body of Man, the "I", entered into the fray and in doing so Man became individual, this a
future being of self consciousness. Man had arrived on the Earth as the highest body of Man , his I"I transforms him into a self conscious individuality into freedom from the necessity of ancient yore.

Therefore as Man , through conscious knowledge or comprehension, gains this release he transforms himself into the new being the Human Being of the future. He gains his ancient atavistic comprehensions not as a reversion to the past but as a cognitive individual through a judgement process of his individual self, the Human Being.

Make no mistake about this movement into a knowledgeable comprehension is guided within and without Man by the Christ Being but unlike ancient times there is no necessity or coercion for if this was so Man could not enter freedom. The knowledge is Christ Knowledge and to be sure it is not an abstract individualistic knowledge but contained within the Moral texture of the cosmos. The Beings written on the first paragraph are a moral cosmos which can glean from a thinking of the heart, the warming of the mighty tones which were abstracted in our intellectual time, a time of inner despair to be brought forth into a a life of Love. ....
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02-18-2023 , 05:50 PM
Earlier I spoke of "moral" spiritual cosmic entelechies and just as our sense bound process display amoral (not unmoral) "laws of nature" the laws of the spiritual world are the moral laws. Indeed the background or spiritual activities which bring forth our perceptive nature beings are these very moral entities.

The sense bound perceptions are the veneer of a spiritual workings brought forth by these same hierarchical spiritual beings . This gives forth such as in ancient India of 10000 years ago they saw these sense bound perceptions as "maya" or "illusion" for they had a natural sensibility of the spirit, that clairvoyance which has been lost to mankind over time only to be regained again upon the attaining of self individuality within this cosmic ethos.

This leads to "karma" or "law of destiny". In the healings of Christ Jesus of note is that he not only healed a man of illness but concomitant "forgave their sins". In Chapter 9 of the John Gospel there is the healing of the man blind from birth whom the Pharisees "cast out" of the Temple accusing him of being "born in sins".

To the modern eye this could only be nonsensical for how could a man accumulate "sins" at birth having never lived to accumulate theses "sins". Of course we could reason that the condemnation was not of his doing and was made blind so that the works of God may be made manifest in him. In this particular man his blindness, his suffering, are the moral graces brought upon man for his ennoblement, his future individual being.

That is the perspective from above or the supersensible regions , this cosmic entelechy.

Here on Earth is a man in the midst of an asthmatic process; wheezing, shortness of breath and general debilitation. The ancient peoples had a clear insight as to the association of "sin" and illness. In passage between his last death(s) and rebirth it was planned by the man within the cosmic spirituality that he would suffer the asthmatic illness. More to the point he would demand this satisfaction in the realm where judgements are different than on earth.

In speaking to illness there was knowledge that the excesses, indulgences, sensualities and passions of the astral body in untoward manner brought forth the illness not as punishment but as boon to individual ennoblement onto the future. That is to say , the illness of today can be seen as consequential to past life excesses, astral body excesses, the world of feelings. This includes our so called "contagion", "karma" at work.

A man punches another on the nose and in the soul world after death he experiences the effect of the punch on the other person as the other person experiences it. A karmic bond is formed such that again upon entry into a subsequent life, or rebirth this bond brings the two men together to compensate for the punch, again an ennoblement, not a punishment.

It is also possible to manifest "future karma" such that the impediments of today are for compensation of future deeds ; in this "time" as we know it changes as we , during our travels between death and rebirth are ensconced within the realm of "duration", the real of the timeless.

Through the astral body the soul thinks, feels and wills and the Ego comes forth as the attenuator and ameliorator of the excesses as it itself progresses beyond a self centeredness onto the selfless sacrifice of the future.

There are many questions that arise here but its enough.
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03-20-2023 , 02:09 PM
As noted it is evident that in evolution, per se ,the evolution of Man is evolution and in this the creative activity bring forth the physical, etheric, astral and "i" bodies with the "I" being the "baby", so to speak, and the physical body the oldest.

The Physical forthcoming out of Old Saturn, the Etheric out of Old Sun, the Astral out of Old Moon and the "Ego" or "I" originating during the Earthly aspect as we are now ensconced. To be clear the Physical body during the Old Saturn existence was and is a system of forces as the mineral kingdom, as we know it, arose during our earthly incarnation.

The physical is the oldest and correspondingly the most fixed whereas the younger Astral Body presents with the more dynamic and also the more easier to disassociate or affect as in the question of healing and disease.

In an evolutionary sense the astral body, in the future, will evolve into a higher, more noble dynamic than the etheric or physical bodies. The "Ego" or "Lord of the Soul" is of the highest reaches of spirit land and works to transform the bodies of Man into higher natures. This "Ego" works unconsciously and consciously in performing these functions into the future.

The "sentient soul" was created out of the astral body in times past and the "intellectual soul" created via the etheric body. The "consciousness soul", or that to which we are immersed at present times brings forth the conscious clarity of "good and evil" . The names can speak for themselves in relation to the soul world and are related to the creative work of the "Ego".

The human being , in the pinnacle of earthly existence will be able to control all aspects of his bodily creations infused into a higher existent realm. Man travels through the earthly realm in order to attain the rank of "Human Being". For perspective the Archae gained their human rank during Old Saturn, the Archangeloi during Old
Sun and our attendant Angels during Old Moon existence.

Sleep follows..
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03-28-2023 , 10:00 PM
Sleep is instructive in that the four bodies of Man offer individual insight. In our time, structured by scientific intellectual thought it would be natural to see the human being "turning off", similar to a radio disconnect. The only thoughts as to sleep, scientifically speaking would be an external evaluation via electrodes placed on the skull and the "brain waves" interpreted perhaps during the sleeping and waking state. This is the ongoing thread of scientific materialistic thinking which attempts to "objectify" the human being from without.

The physical, etheric (life), astral and "ego" bodies are immersed within their respective rhythms such that in so far as the etheric body it "holds" the physical body such that if ever let loose totally, death would ensue as the physical body collapses into what is known as a "corpse".
The duty and ongoing work of the etheric body is to "form" and hold to "life" the physical body . The etheric body, known as the formative force body and life body.

The etheric body also speaks to "growth" evident during youth and coming to fulfillment , in our age, at late 20"s. The opposing force which continues on into old age is astral body bound and in true is present from youth as a counterbalance of living activity.

the etheric body does not display "conscious' activity and studying the plant world can clarify these matters. Man in sleep is effectively the configuration of physical and etheric bodies with lack of conscious activity as we know it. The plant also has a physical and etheric body but is denied an earthly consciousness , lacking an astral body, the body of conscious activity.

The plant lives within a "sun rhythm" of spring(growth) , summer(blossom) , fall(degradation) and winter(seed) directly related to solar activity. All plant life, including the evergreen, are within these "sun forces", that same activity morphed from the "Old Sun" evolutionary state.

The human being contains his own particular etheric body and does not follow the solar rhythms though he attempts to sleep at night and remains active during the day . Of course he is able to "sleep" during the day but the most beneficial would be to follow a day/night rhythm of sleep.

One would consider that the human being would have followed a sun rhythm in far away past ages in the forming of his etheric body within the Old Sun state.

At sleep the astral body and "Ego" leave the physical etheric and enter into the spiritual world or that to which we call the spiritual background of "nature". It is not total abandonment but only the loss of astral/ego activity on the nervous system, the seat of earthly conscious activity.

During sleep the human astral body is refreshed or refurbished by higher astral natures such that upon awakening the human being feels "refreshed". The passions, desires and inordinate activity of the astral body , not yet ennobled, are ameliorated in the healing by the higher astral natures.

Of interest are the plants which are considered "poisonous" such that in the case of the belladonna berry it "sucks" cosmic astrality into its berry thus making it poisonous.

If a plant had a proper astral body it would be formed into an animal nature and of course this is not so within the plant world. The animal does have an astral body in common with but not the same as the human being.

The astral body is poisonous to the human being and the "Ego", even more so. This can clarify " earthly consciousness" as a destructive process whereas the etheric without conscious activity is a constructive force within the human entity.
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03-19-2024 , 04:27 PM
"Sleep" is a natural lead into the activity of "initiation" as historical measure. In the ancient mystery centers the initiand entered into the cosmic spirituality by leaving his etheric/physical body as in sleep. The directions of accomplishment were in 12 directions in which the initiand would experience one route such as Aquarius or Pisces as the 12 cosmic signs, in a manner of speaking, were/are the sources of spiritual activity, always keeping clarity of the hierarchical beings referenced at the beginning of this thread. Knowledge was/is gleaned from different viewpoints of the spiritual .

To be clear this was not what is culled as astrology in our times and its supposed prophetic manipulations but a living into the zodiacal pattern as a man as "beggars of the spirit". To this end the 12 leaders of the mystery center aided the would be initiate by suppressing the bedazzlement within the spirit which could cause extreme malady. Man, in this telling moment could not withstand the perspective as stand alone , needing help.

Of interest is the tale of the "black dragon" from Chinese lore. The "Black Dragon" was in a sense the most knowledgeable and greatest of the 12 dragons but could not bring forth spiritual knowledge to his companions and subsequently to his peoples through his individual effort. What di happen was the titular head of the mystery clan the "White Dragon" would "touch" the Black Dragon while he was in a clairvoyant state and bring forth the fruits of the Black Dragon's effort to the mystery clan.

The Black Dragon was aided in this foray by the 12 dragons and brought to fruition by the White Dragon.

The methodology in western mysteries was again bring the initiate into the state of entering into the cosmic spirituality or the world of the macrocosm , that which was outside the etheric and physical bodies . This was initiation into the Macrocosm. Upon successfully completing his mission the initiate would, for example, be known as a Pisces initiate or Aquarius initiate.....

plan to continue...also have to give some idea of the work/effort the acolyte went through, spread over years, before initiation.
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03-23-2024 , 12:56 PM
It must be comprehended that the travails of the initiand were an experiential knowledge which are obtained upon the earth , a training which obtains "eyes of the spirit" or "spiritual senses" which could not be garnered properly within the spiritual world. The earth was /is a necessity.

When the initiate enters into the spiritual world or cosmic spirituality, the macrocosm, this bedazzlement was alleviated by suppression of the "Ego" or "I" of man. The "Ego" or "baby" of man in an evolutionary perspective could not, in ancient times enter the higher worlds on its own, as a true "I".

In the ancient times when Man was within the cosmic spirituality as natural state of being it again was without a total selfless "Ego", more of a harbinger of its future state . As mentioned previously the "Ego" of Man was added as the fourth body during the earthly evolution.

There is the second approach of the spiritual in which the initiand entered into the inner being of Man, or within, known as the microcosm. In this case the "Ego" rears its primeval head of self centeredness and became victim of all and every passion/desire or maladroit essence to which the "Ego" would desire. Because of the "Ego's" proclivity to the worst selfishness the initiand would fall into an uncontrollable maelstrom of destructive forces of the nth degree.

The training in the mystery centers, in this case, called for a man of highest moral character, morality would could save this initiand. Again the "Ego" was suppressed within the other route to the spirit and aided the initiand to complete his missions, knowledge of the microcosm.

Initiation is rightly considered as a precursor of the future of the human being for the initiate was a rightful picture of man's future ability or characterological disposition . In ancient times Man was a spirit being within a spiritual cosmos but without self knowledge. The mysteries were centers of a trained clairvoyance which was natural to Man in the past.

Having lost his primeval state of clairvoyance this is gained again in the mysteries but still without the proper "Ego' , or the selfless futuristic "Ego". A man went into a clairvoyant state in more of a trance without the "Ego".

This was changed by the advent of the greatest event of Earthly evolution, that of Golgotha. At that time the "Ego" was released and each and every man can now work to a future state of being within the spirit with full "Ego" capabilities. The old trance state and mystery centers would be no more for each will, within Christ's guidance, be able to obtain a new Man the higher Man who will be able to live within the spirit as self knowledgeable being, the selfless "Ego" or "I" into fruition.

In speaking to Christ's guidance there is no talk of coercion "thou shalt" for the guidance can only be manifested within Love as Love cannot be mandated or coerced but can only be within a "free" human being, removed from the old spiritual state where man was a limb on a tree without "ego" consciousness.

The leaders of the mystery centers knew and awaited the coming of the Christ Being ever hopeful of the metamorphosis of the human being of the future.

Just for clarity man progresses through recurrent lives gaining in some measure from his nation or race or family, gender etc...which on the whole changes from life to life. At "the end of time" he will be the new higher being to which death has no call on him, as he enters an immortality of being.

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03-31-2024 , 04:06 PM
Today's Easter Day is apropos to offering some comprehension of the Christ Being. In all that is around u, in some manner, the idea of "Jesus" is bandied about without refence to any spirituality or Being. The churches and the networks appear to be in a bonding of a materialistic man named Jesus who may have lived 2100 years ago. Jesus is referenced in name and number ad infinitum , a materialistic scion of earthly origin.

To be clear Jesus of Nazareth was/is the greatest of Men who through recurrent lives developed himself such that he could sacrifice his bodies in order for the Christ Being to enter into the earthly sphere.

In past lives he had sacrificed his etheric and astral bodies such as they were passed to others of the greatest nature. In another time the etheric body of this man was passed to Moses the harbinger of the Hebrew culture this body being of the nature of "time".

The Egyptian Hermes likewise received the Astral body of this initiate in the past.

Two great leaders of peoples brought forth a cosmic fecundation consequential to the sacrifice(s) of he who was called Jesus of Nazareth in later times.

The sacrifice of the "Ego" or "I" of Jesus of Nazareth was accomplished at the Baptism by John when the Christ Being a Being who had never traversed the Earthly, entered into the bodies of Jesus of Nazareth now known as Christ Jesus.

Christ Jesus lived for three (3) years upon the earth and went through death on Golgotha, a death for which only man could go through. Only man dies, not the higher hierarchical beings of any for form , only Man. In the spiritual world there is only metamorphosis, not death.

The Christ Being, of the greatest of spiritual natures, went through death and returned to the earth becoming the Spirit of the Earth, the Spirit Guide of All Men, the Cross stands forth.

What now arises within the Earthly is high or cosmic spirituality as all of the Cosmic Spirits bring the earthly into fruition, the future Man.

The Macrocosm and Microcosm merge into Divine spirituality, the Being of the Christ.

Happy Easter!
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04-02-2024 , 02:13 AM
Wow. Really?
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04-04-2024 , 01:50 AM
The nature of Christ's entry into the Earth and His relationship to individual men is telling. In sleep the astral body and Ego of a man abandon's the etheric /physical body, a state of unconsciousness with respect to the earth. The etheric and physical bodies are more plant like in this state as a plant also has an etheric and physical body, sans earthly consciousness.

The astral body and Ego enter into the higher cosmic spirituality which is creative to our sensory activities. The movement of the wind, a rush of mighty waves, the very structure of our bodies are all created and nurtured by this cosmic spiritual entelechy referred to at the beginning of this thread.

We, with our senses, literally touch this cosmic spiritual nature as external sensibilities. The image creating of our eyes, the sound with relation to our ears and larynx an earthly taste if salt are the creative and enduring forces of that higher world, the cosmic spirituality.

At sleep the soul spiritual nature of a man enters into this higher world but without consciousness. Spoken trivially, the mystery center initiand works to garner "senses" of this spiritual world, in order to enter consciously into that realm. As mentioned previously the Ego was suppressed for Man had not yet gained the power to enter that realm without the bedazzlement , or loss of spiritual structure.

A man sleeps, refurbished by higher astral natures, and returns to the earthly bodies and through the astral body becomes conscious of the earth. In truth he begins to ente4 into the microcosm or lower spirituality but the earthly senses immediately seize hold of a man and he becomes aware of external nature. The inner microcosm is effaced by man's astral and ego natures becoming conscious of the earth.

In order to continue on into the Christ Being a perspective of "world and cosmic healer" will be brought forth upon return.
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04-04-2024 , 09:17 PM
Carlo, what initially drew you to esotericism, or more specifically, esoteric knowledge?

I'll admit you seem to have quite a way with how you've broken down these passages here and it seems like you've developed a bit of a collection.
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04-05-2024 , 11:20 AM
Originally Posted by Stumeister
Carlo, what initially drew you to esotericism, or more specifically, esoteric knowledge?

I'll admit you seem to have quite a way with how you've broken down these passages here and it seems like you've developed a bit of a collection.
The collection is Anthroposophy : .

To me esoteric knowledge has a clarity in truth, for which any man can comprehend; "knowledge is food for the soul" is a power of which we all can imbibe in living grace.
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