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08-14-2021 , 09:35 AM
As background :

The hierarchical spiritual beings ;

Father, Son or Word, Holy spirit

Seraphim (Spirits of Love) { Create and work within
Cherubim(Spirits of Harmony) { the physical/material world
Thrones( Spirits of Will) {

Kyriotetes(Spirits of Wisdom) { Work in etheric world, thence
Dynameis(Spirits of Motion) { into man, also in life, sound,
Exousiai (Spirits of Form) { light, weather

Archai( Spirits of Time/Personality) { Work in souls..
Archangeloi( Spirits of Fire) {
Angeloi(Spirits of Twilight/Life {

Human Spirits
Spirits Yet to Come

The nomenclature can be found in the works of Dionysius the Areopagite
and Anthroposophy. There are cross cultural differentiations as Exousiai
are Elohim in the Hebrew and Potestates in the Latin.

To be clear, all the above beings work within and through Man and in this they present a picture of the true human being, a futuristic human being , as manifestation.

Man, to his part, has come to the point in which he extracts himself through recurrent lives into "Freedom" from a spiritual recurrence and is able to stand within the spiritual world in full consciousness .

This means that "death" will be overcome and as Man passes through death he stands within the spiritual world as a Human Being in full consciousness. The inner guide who sits within all men is the Christ Being, the Son or Word, the work begins within the earthly on Golgotha.

Please note that the Christ Being is not about coercion but that a man , obtains this higher consciousness uses his own judgment in his travels through individual lives. Consequently Love manifests through the new human being in Freedom without coercion. The Earth becomes (is) the planet of Love.

Evolution next with the above as background. I'll be back
08-18-2021 , 03:53 PM
If one goes back into earthly evolution there appears three (3) states of existence, namely, Old Moon, Old Sun and Old Saturn .

Proceeding to the middle of the Saturn state ; if man, with his present senses were to enter the same he would experience heat much like being in a warm oven. There were no plants animals, minerals or other beings in the Saturn state of being but only heat. There is no mineral, air, light or fluids but again to repeat, a heat state of being.

To be clear the words within our time can only give a pointer or expression of that state of being but can give a picture. Within were fluctuating curvilinear heat expressions in a continual but reasoned flux. If one were to measure the extent of Saturn the orbit of present Saturn with its enclosure can give an idea of its existence.

At this time space was in creation as were the human senses coming into being, likewise time. At this point, so not to lose our bearings, the hierarchical beings can be referred .

In a poignant event the Spirits of Will or Thrones offered their very being to the Cherubim , a sacrifice within a selflessness incomprehensible to our present state of evolution. The consequence of this sacrifice was "Heat or Fire" as the outer expression of the Thronal Sacrifice. Within this expression of ongoing sacrifice of the Thrones arises Courage , the Being of Courage.

In an attempt to relate this state to our present being a man could say " I feel warm" or "I feel cold" as one can gain an inner experience of the Saturn state. Through the eons this heat state has morphed into our inner structure of warmth, the warmth of Man.

It is apparent the modern man will have difficulty with this presentation of "heat" as modern thinking has referenced heat or warmth to a frictional origin of bouncing molecules or in a euphemism of bouncing balls. Just as modern science speaks to solid, gas and fluid states the heat state has become a function of a pressured materiality, the materialistic ethos.

Within this heat state are the ancestors of man consisting of fluctuating heat bodies. The atmosphee of this state of being are the aforementioned hierarchical beings who, in a sense, experience or live their life through this plate of Saturn Etheric Fire .

As an example the Kyriotetes or Spirits of Wisdom have their "life process" in the interaction with the Saturn Being and but yet there is no life in this heat state, the life of which is above or within the atmosphere of higher beings.

The ancestor of Man is presented as a heat being devoid of life and of the interworking of mineral-physical forces, the physical body of Man.

To be clear, if that's possible now, There were no minerals but none the less Man's physical being consisted of higher mineral-physical forces within this etheric heat body; Man as more of an automaton without life.

Its too much to go over the higher beings as they bring into existence of the Human state but looking at the individual functions such as Spirits of form or spirits of wisdom will give the idea that all of the above beings are working upon the individuality of Man but not all in that order and not all at the same time.

One telling event is that not only is man going through an evolving state but the hierarchical beings are also doing so as per example the Spirits of Time or Personality" gain their human state during the Saturn existence.

After passing through the mid point of Saturn existence there is a roling up of the Saturn to which all beings of Saturn enter into a higher state of being or a state of rest unti the next , the Old Sun evolutionary existence..

On to Old Sun and Old Moon.
08-18-2021 , 05:50 PM
In attempting to clarify it's difficult to imagine the being of man as fire or heat but comprehend the human being was without the Saturn fire within the spiritual atmosphere and in some measure was involved within the consciousness of higher beings.

Many times on this forum there have been those who ask and speak to consciousness and as in our present times we have a day consciousness, a dream consciousness and the consciousness of deep sleep. The consciousness of the Saturn state was even further than this deep sleep consciousness.

Another look may help for one can speak to Angel consciousness, Archangel consciousness, Archai consciousness, etc...each level of consciousness as expression of the hierarchical entities in which Man is ensconced.
08-24-2021 , 11:27 AM
The result of the Saturn evolution is to bring the human germ to a certain stage. There appears no boundary between the activities of the higher beings as the Spirits of Will, Wisdom Dynameis,Exusai, etc, the same time go through their respective evolutions as the Saturn consciousness reaches a deep state beyond that of deep sleep.

There is an ascent and descent to which the human being as Saturn being enters into and becomes a "seed"; the physical body whose semblance is heat fortified by mineralo-physical forces. The entire Saturn existence then disappears as these higher beings have done their work and enter into other worlds for a continuation of activities as does the human germ disappear; thus the ending of the Saturn state.

Subsequently, again there appears a newer Saturn existence in a higher realm with the hierarchical beings renewed with powers of Saturn existence at a higher realm, Old Sun. Whereas the Spirits of Wisdom or Kyriotetes were able to bring life from the outside to the Saturn human, the automaton, they were now able to give of their life such that the human beings in evolution gained their own life being, an etheric life.

The human being now had an etheric body, a formative force body or life body given by the Spirits of Wisdom to the individual Sun germs. Before this begins the entire Sun existence proceeds as a recapitulation of the Saturn existence within the higher Sun state.

The human being now had a physical body( a mineralo force activity), and an etheric body known again as a life body or formative force body or light body.

The etheric body can be gleaned within current humanity as a plant like existence during sleep. Comprehending that Man is a spirit/soul being who leaves his etheric and physical bodies during sleep a picture of the etheric body can be ascertained. A plant has life and a corresponding etheric body and Man, as he sleeps, will resemble a plant existence but he is not and never was a plant.

The entire Old Sun existence brings forth to the human germ an etheric body as the various hierarchical being work within their own activities for the evolution of the human being.

There , of course is more, and of note is that upon entering within the Old Sun existence there is a precipitation out of the heat body of the human germ to that of "air". Correspondingly the etheric light appears and so the human germ become a heat and air body with its etheric activities. Man as a heat and air being within the sun existence.

Again there is no fluids, minerals present as well as the lack of a plant existence as later on in this Old Sun Existence begat the beginnings of the animal kingdom; not the precursor to Man but more like an activity of "falling out" to a lower state as Man rises higher.

Man as now a Heat / Air germ and supersensible etheric nature, or etheric body; using our present language which is built for the present earth.

Will come back to consider the Spirits of Wisdom and their activity during the Old sun existence with relation to the Thrones or Spirits of Will who, of course, are still active in sacrifice during this Old Sun existence.
08-25-2021 , 07:06 PM
Returning to the sacrifice of the Thrones to the Cherubim the look of devotion will a feeling of extreme bliss within the sacrifice a spirit of utter devotion. During this event the Spirits of Time are the creation of the interpose between the Sacrificing thrones and the Cherubim. In ordinary perspective time has a beginning and an ending but in this event we glean Time as Being the Spirits of Time/Personality. Again these are the Spirits who gained their Human abilities during the Saturn evolution.

At the entry to the Old Sun state the Spirits of Wisdom or Kyriotetes come to the fore. What does it mean to say that out of the Fire arose air ? Precipitant is more of a dead thought of present language but in the insight of the Spirits of Wisdom as they contemplate the marvel of the thronal sacrifice as seen as a sacrifice of cosmic worth they express forth the bestowing of Virtue.

As Fire is the semblance of Courage so can be seen that the Air is the outer nature of bestowing Virtue. Fire and Air as semblance or in the Indian presentation , maya; as they were aware of the hidden inner nature of Fire and Air as Courage and Virtue as expression of the Spirit within.

The Spirits of Wisdom or the great bestowers who bring forth Virtue but still Time is ready in appreciation. As this great bestowal out to the ends of the cosmos but there cannot be Time until there is also an ending. And so, Virtue moving out into a cosmic space just born the Archangels receive the Virtue of the bestowing spirits of wisdom and create Light and reflect this Light to the bestowing Spirits of Wisdom.

The Spirits of Wisdom receive their own Being as the Light reflected by the Archangeloi, the Spirits of Beginnings. There is now space as inner and outer,not left right or up down but a light bidden globe with the Spirits of Wisdom at the center of a great bestowal of Light, the light of man's etheric body.

And so within this etheric body, a cosmic etheric body and Man's particular etheric body we can glean what you and I may call thoughts, thoughts as clarified light within the being of man. And so when a man reincarnates into a new body he carries with human etheric earnings from previous lives. When a man passes through death he returns to the cosmic ether his etheric body as his life passes before his gaze during the 24 to 72 hours after death , an etheric picture of you will.

HIs earnings, or moral condensation of specific activities , will follow him onto higher reams of soul and spirit and onto his next life. And so if the materialists attempt to treat thoughts and thinking as a physical event consider that thoughts are not created by the brain as the gall bladder and live produce bile but are a supsensible activity, a spirit laden event.

There's always more and perhaps the Old Moon state if something else doesn't interject before that happens .
08-29-2021 , 02:18 PM
During the Sun evolution the germ of Man contains a heat body which precipitates into air thus making man a warmth (fire) - air man with a supersensible etheric body. The Dynameis bring the air forms into motion within the mantle of heat and the Spirits of Form then begin to give the gaseous motions structure as apposed to the previous billowing chaotic motions.

The Spirits of Personality then pass to a higher stage of existence( Jupiter Existence) to which Man will enter after the earth evolution which is the perceiving of the internal moral manifestations of individuals. At present a rascal or saint cannot be seen through the human senses but the future state will give the individual man the ability to see the moral countenance of other beings inclusive of men; nothing will be hid.

As on Saturn the Old Sun state goes into an ebb tide and disappears into higher realms as the manifested beings of the hierarchy work and progress in other worlds necessary for their own evolution.

At the beginning of the Old Moon existence the Old Saturn and Old Sun states recapitulate in that order and the ancestor of Man appears with a Physical Body and Etheric Body to which are creations of the aforementioned states. Of course he is a heat -air being with a life of his own.

The pictures of the sacrifice of the Thrones to the Cherubim andthe expressions of Heat or Fire and concomitantly Courage continues into the bestowers of Virtue by the Spirits of Wisdom and Light arisen, all are present at this stage of the Old Moon state of consciousness.

Then another telling event occurred as some of the Cherubim rejected the sacrifice of the Thrones and it seemed as if a cataclysm arose. And so there were sacrifices accepted and those rejected as these rejected sacrifices having arisen like clouds of rejected sacrifice and there arose "Longing" and consequently "Resignation" of being totally excluded from the cosmic entelechy.

The Cherubim who rejected the sacrifice, therefore asking for nothing for themselves then entered into "Immortality".

The individual germ of Man then gained a third body that of "Water" . Water can be seen as a cosmic fluidity to which in our times can be molten iron of spring drinking water, a state of being.

And so Water can be seen at present as "resignation", a state of creative detachment. But the Sp;irits of Motion come forth and though the rejected sacrifices can never enter the being of Cherubim the Spirits of Motion created imaginative pictures of the Cherubinic state to which the rejected Thrones could "see" the Cherubim from many sides , never all at once but a healing for the rejected Thrones, of cosmic origin.

In this the imaginative pictures arise offering balm to the rejected Thrones and in this the Old Moon state can be seen as an myriad of " imaginative pictures" to which the human ancestor can and would partake. The Old Moon as a great cosmic picture as the being of Man.

During the Old Moon existence the human ancestor then received his particular "Astral Body" from these same Spirits of Motion whose Astral Bodies brought forth the sympathies, antipathies, and passions of Man upon entering into the "Soul" world, the human soul within a astral state of being.

And so there are now the three (3) bodies of Man; Physical Body, Etheric Body and Astral Body and hopefully I can clarify the Astral Body as consequence of the Old Moon existence , next time.
09-01-2021 , 12:10 PM
The Old Moon state pictures the development of the human being as having a Physical Body, Etheric Body and Astral Body. Correspondingly there arises the germ of man as fire (heat), air/fire and fire/air/ water or fluid.

During the Old Sun existence there were beings who didn't progress into an etheric body and upon the Old Sun separated and formed a Saturn orb within the Old Sun existence. These beings, in a sense, had fallen behind. This motif of backwards beings continues on into our present existence and can be seen as responsible for a myriad of different beings within each state the number and quality of which can't be considered in this particular essay.

Due to the working of the Spirits of Motion the human germ or seed received an Astral Body or that to which the passions, desires, sympathies, antipathies and thoughts can be gleaned. This is the soul world of Man and as noted previously he began to experience the feeling experiences of the imaginative pictures given by the Spirits of Motion at the advent of the Old Moon existence. At the approach of an imagination there would be a blissful feeling of a sympathetic state to which he would be immersed whereas if an impelling danger there would a corresponding antipathy or rejection of the imagination of antipathy. this was not done in a reasoned consciousness but was again an automatic experience depending upon the particular imagination inn his neighborhood.

The higher beings of Old Sun to which the Old Moon existed then separated from the body of the Moon and there arose two orbs of Sun, Moon to which the higher beings of the Sun, containing only an heat and air body worked from without the human seeds which contained the previously mentioned fire, air and water bodies.

Evolution had arrived to the state that the higher beings could no longer advance properly within this aspect of the Moon existence and the Moon beings also, because of this separation also began to have their own particular individuality .

The Sun worked from without and carried a consciousness of a higher selflessness whereas the Moon beings began a motion of self centeredness considered in its best sense. The human germ experienced himself as a grand cosmic experience , a nirvana , a feeling of being within the cosmic whole if you will, followed by periods of self experience in the moon state.

One can say a day time and night time existence as a matter of simile with corresponding motions which I'll speak to next.
09-04-2021 , 11:15 AM
At the time of the Sun, Moon separation it would be more correct to say that if the ancestor of Man continued at the speed of the Sun beings he would live to the age of nine (9), speaking metaphorically. Likewise the Sun beings would be dragged down into a slovenly mist or dross, and would not be able to evolve in the proper manner.

Resulting from this separation the Moon begins to rotate around the Sun and the Moon spirits also rotate around the Moon body . this presents with a consciousness of giving oneself up to the Sun, an expression of living within a cosmic harmony with loss of self to the Sun. Correspondingly during the Moon period Man become more self conscious , or contained within himself.

At this point it should be made clear that when the Moon or Sun is written the speech speaks to Sun or Moon beings which are again the hierarchies presented in the beginning of this text. There is no sense bound physicality as we have today but corresponding orbs of spiritual manifestations.

To make it clearer but more difficult for some, when we look at the Sun, our sense bound Sun what we see is an illusion but the reality is we see the projection of Sun beings in our sense bound form. Not long ago during medieval times up into the 15th century the individual man knew that what he saw in the sky was the picture of spiritual happenings as they were gleaned through an atavistic consciousness which "saw" the spirit in our surroundings. In the scholastic writings there is made mention of the "intelligence of the planets" to which this spiritual basis for reality was circumscribed.

Of course with the loss of this atavistic consciousness Man became more centered within himself and could only meet such comprehension with ridicule (not all) or disbelief. His intellect could only grasp the earthly.

This is not a request to Man to return to an ancient consciousness for of course that would be moving backward and wrong headed. The future development of the human soul is such that the intellect rises to a more spiritual level such that Man not only gains an higher spiritual consciousness similar to the atavistic consciousness of old but also that the intellect rises correspondingly in order to work within these very same hierarchical beings , an intellect of the spirit, the future of the human soul.

And so there is the motion of Sun and Moon to which the human ancestor is partite . During the Saturn existence the beginnings of Man's senses began and during the Moon consciousness the Angels or Spirits of Life enter into and bring these senses into activity as their own particular sense activity. Man, within an evolutionary sense activity within the Angelic realm. Within each was what appears to be an Ego which is this angel being who stand above man who gleans some type of ego activity related to his corresponding Angel.

The Ego being of Moon man was not specifically his own as many ancestor men lived within the Ego of a particular Angel and therefore lives within a group of men who are within the same Ego or angel being. In this way there became different groupings of ancient man with a common Ego.

The Old Moon evolution continues into an ebb tide and the Sun and Moon merge as do all the environs and disappear into a higher realm as precursor to the Earth state of Being.

Man now has a Physical Body, Etheric Body and Astral Body which he will carry onto the Earth's establishment of his Ego, or "I", the fourth body of Man.
09-10-2021 , 11:04 AM
The Saturn, Sun and Moon evolutions should be understood as states of consciousness within a non physical reality as we presently know it. There are some points which can be tethered to present day consciousness, so to speak.

Within the Saturn evolution, at midpoint, Man can be considered a "Head" whose structure would consist of the "fire or heat" quality. This "head" is of course the external expression of the spiritual or the aforementioned beings of the hierarchy's. Perhaps some have seen a picture of a head in modern thought which conveys the same idea in modern terms. I've seen it referenced in the Science forum.

With respect to the Sun evolution the "Chest or Thorax "develops within the aspects of the qualities of Fire and Air. This is inclusive of the inner organs such as Lungs and Heart. Of note is that parts of the animal kingdom began development during the Sun evolution . As example, the Lion species arose within the Sun and if pictures one could perceive the Lion architype with a small head and large chest cavity.

This is to clarify that the animal species followed Man in evolution and in the case of the Lion there becomes a strong expression of its chest cavity as apposed to a small head which is consequential to a Saturn movement out of time. As noted previously Saturn activities continue at a higher level within the Sun evolution and thus the miniscule head as compared to the chest/heart qualities.

And so, as trivial as it seems, when the English and French Monarchs (and others) are referred to as "Cour de Lion" we are seeing a reference to the "Lion Heart" or Heart of great courage and strength of the ancients within an atavistic consciousness.

The animal kingdom can be seen as an expression of the qualities of the inner organs and structure of Man brought to extremis. In any case the animal kingdom was not a precursor but an extraction of the human form in evolutionary movement.

During the movement of the Astral World or Old Moon the lower extremities and digestive system of Man evolved . This is referred to as the metabolic-limb system. Of note is the apotheosis of the animal movement within the "Cow". The "cow" displays a remarkable and powerful digestive ability which is the consequence of a strong and marvelous Astral Body within evidence of his digestive system.

And so in our times we see the "cow" but the ancient Indian could perceive the magnificent Astral workings of the cow and revered this strength of being by abstaining from eating the flesh of cows. The cow, being a vegetarian, appears tethered to the earth as he ruminates and in an Astral glory. Again the animal as an expression of an inner entelechy separated from Man.

This same evolution can be gleaned from the growth of the embryo where the head is first formed followed by the chest and digestive-limbs. Growth is top down thinking cognition(head), feeling (chest) and willing (metabolic limb).

There is a tendency to place all within the head such as feeling but consider the fierceness of the tiger the courage of the lion the contentment of the cow, and see that the animal kingdom is the external expression of these feelings or emotions in extreme(up to a point). Feeling come from the chest and in Man the rhythms of respiratory movement in relation to the circulatory movement within ration of 18 to 72 can give an idea of the feelings of Man.

Each man has his individual ratio of circulation to respiration which generally is 4:1 but specific for each individual. Disrupt the rhythmic movement and there appears dyscrasia and in this the art of healing can be insighted .Health, pain, suffering and all that comes within disease are expressed in rhythm or lack thereof . There are other rhythms within the human being as the art of healing stands here.

Other noteworthy clarifications are that at the end of the Moon evolution the physical body had gone through three (3) evolutionary cycles while the ether body has gone through two ( 2) evolutionary cycles and the Astral body one (1).

The physical body is the most prefect of Man while the other bodies , though higher in evolution have still to reach their higher perfection. And yes, illness of the physical body can be seen as the consequence of exceses of the Astral Body carried over from previous lives or another picture of Karma, not as punishment but for the refurbishment and ennoblement of the human soul spiritual being.
09-18-2021 , 03:31 PM
if the pain is a reinforcement learning mechanism, then usually reinforcement learning mechanisms have diminishing returns. For example, if you punish an animal for certain behavior and keep doing it over and over, the result may be learned helplessness. The animal simply stops responding to the stimulus. So this is not an entirely unfounded assumption. we don't have a lot of empirical evidence to support it.
09-24-2021 , 04:38 PM
With the passing away of the Old Moon evolution Man has progressed through the sacrificial fire with courage of the thrones onto the virtue of bestowing and air of the spirits of wisdom within the Sun evolution and the rejection of sacrifice and resignation of flowing water .

The ancestor of Man has obtained a physical body, etheric body and astral body and within the Moon evolution we see clouds of denied sacrifices and the forlorn "longing" within the human soul, that of the denied sacrifice.

In this rejection of sacrifice cannot enter into that to which he was was desired and this motif is seen in the sacrifice of Cain being refused and Abel reaching a higher realm. This separation of one from his anointed place , the loss of higher grace becomes a precipitation of flowing water into the earthly or solid realm .

Man now has a fourth body, the Ego or "I"; Physical Body, Etheric Body, Astral Body and Ego or "I". This precipitation comes about after a recapitulation of the Saturn, Sun and Moon states . And so likewise we have Fire, Air ,Water or all Fluidity and Earth(solids).

The denial of the sacrifice carries onto earthly evolution as a separation of being from a higher or anointed place and this becomes Death. Death can only be appreciated on the earthly solid for there is no death, not mineral, nor plant nor animal death is the death of Man in the earthly realm, they do not die as Man dies.

Death as the separation of being from his anointed place or loss of the spiritual realm to which the sacrifice is projected. The human soul as separated from the highest of the spirit within which he is enabled.

None of the higher beings which are delineated in the first essay go through death, only Man. These higher beings go through metamorphosis and so if a plant rises to stem, leaf, flower fruit and destruction there is a metamorphic evolving that continues beyond the last or autumnal and winter state. The plant as an outer expression of these spiritual beings actually displays a metamorphosis in its growth and decomposition as the outer expression of spiritual happenings.

And so, Death is only of the earth and the event of Golgotha is the immediate fulcrum of the earthly existence when a Being , the Christ Being , entered into the human body of Jesus of Nazareth at the Baptism of John, lived for three (3) years as Christ Jesus and experienced Death to which no other being besides Man could experience for it had to be accomplished on the earth, the realm of the solid.

Death is of the Earth and in Golgotha is the "redemption" of Man with the Earth as a planet of Redemption. The redemption evolves as Man reaches and works through to a higher state of being which in esotericism is called the Jupiter existence. Man has a past and future in his work onto nobility.

Saturn, Sun, Moon, Earth, Jupiter, Venus and Vulcan states in the spiritualization of the human soul.

Its too much, I know, and so I plan to continue comprehension of the Earthly state to which in some manner can begin at the Old Testament of the Temptation of Lucifer and consequential meanings.
09-25-2021 , 11:41 AM
If one asks what is the "real" consider that the ancient Indian of ten thousand years ago called all of that which surrounds us as "maya", or illusion. Their consciousness saw the spiritual behind our sense bound activities and consequently had little to do with the earthly.

They knew that they were immersed within a great spiritual activity to which the Vedas and Vedanta philosophy were only an echo , a later picture of the "home" of this ancient Indian, in prehistory. They cared little for the earth.

Note is taken of a thread in the other forum in which there was doubt of the existence of what we call our reality, the intellect at work.

With "maya" as background the only "real' or "reality" is Death, all else is illusion. This is not a logical connection but a "truth" that spreads throughout the earthly evolution as Death is the only "Real".

We live in a semblance , image formed ,and the ancient Indian knew that the spiritual hierarchies and Man, were real but not of the Earth.

An interesting effect of this working in semblance is that "error" can occur for within the higher realms there is no error but a reality of life in truth and beauty, manifested within Love.

Just a sidelight to move onto the earthly evolution.
10-06-2021 , 05:17 PM
As the Saturn, Sun and Moon evolutions recapitulate ancient Man waveed from a selfless consciousness of the Sun to a stronger self consciousness of the Moon. This rhythm was a function of the respective movements of the Sun relative to the Moon in which the ancient seed wa involved.

Within this relative conscious activity it became increasingly difficult for some individual souls to exist as time progressed and consequential those who could not continue expressed themselves as inhabitants of planetary bodies, first Jupiter, then Mars, Saturn, etc.. In this can be seen the origins of the planetary bodies to which we are accustomed to referring to.

The individual souls, while within the Sun influence would in some manner dissolve or disintegrate a bodily shell only to regrow this outer shell during the Moon hegemony. There was no death here, only a changing of spiritual habitants .

As the difficulty increased there came only very hardy few who could live during the Moon existence , and are know as Sun Men. At a point when Moon existence could barely be viable an upheaval of orbs occurred and the moon as we know it separated from the earth thus giving a tripartite of existence of sun, moon and earth; and the associated planets.

" And the LORD God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever:"

At this point of separation of sun, moon and earth is the temptation of Lucifer when Man falls from the spiritual world, faces Death and becomes aware of himself with shame. Man enters onto a journey of nobility and schooling to enter into that world to which is his source but refurbished and new.

Lucifer or Luciferic beings are those who did not complete their appointed evolution during the Moon evolution and would be considered backward and in a sense work upon the individual Man, as impediment, in order to "catch up" so to speak. Lucifer was/is a higher being with the rank of Archangel.

If the "good gods", please bear with this designation continued with their future "picture" of Man he would have progressed without "freedom" or individual personality within the spiritual hierarchies thus becoming an automaton.

Lucifer in this movement separates the individual man, in speech of today , from his nation, race, folk, clan thus bringing Man to free being, extracted from his place in the hierarchies. The rub here is that Lucifer always attempts to bring the individual soul to a realm of the spirit, Lucifer realm, which is beneath Man's appointed position in the cosmos.

Lucifer in his own way attempts to extract Man from the earth to which he will have nothing to do with. Lucifer's influence can be seen in art, books in our libraries or any movement which purports to carry Man away from his earthly destiny.

There is, of course, another being whose desire is to have Man only see the earth, and in this deceives the human soul into believing in things like "heaven on earth", or only that which appeals to the human desire for earthly relief , or feeling well within his earthly affairs.

This being in ancient lore is know as Ahriman , or Mephistopheles, as noted in the legends of Faust. He has a higher rank than Lucifer and is "intellect itself" for there is no no higher in intellectual abilities. In the Hebrew he is known as Tophel or the "great deceiver", also know as Satan.

Man is now ensconced between heightened Lucifer and earthly Ahriman forces and a destiny is given for ennoblement in balanced working between the two through human judgment.

Man does not have the ability to defeat these higher beings but can ameliorate and improve through knowledge and comprehension of the affected beings. This arena, in the midst of Ahriman and Lucifer stands the Christ as template or the universal Man; Man as future.

This period of time/place or the "fall" is known as Lemuria and was situated between Africa, Asia and Australia. It should be realized that mankind had not been able to walk or have any semblance to modern Man and as noted he progressively precipitated earth or the solid state but not only Man but his environment.

What is a frozen pond but a separation from his rightful state of flowing water; the earthly and solid begins during Lemuria onto the future.

Next is Atlantis of which many ancient cultures have as lore within their states of graceful mythology.
10-11-2021 , 10:59 AM
As the telling event of the separation of the moon from the earth Man enters into a precipitant physical realm which we, in our times, may be accustomed too. This solidity which also evolves unto our present day was more of a amorphous fluidity as was appreciated during the Moon evolution.

In Atlantis Man had not yet evolved to the point of walking on the earth(as the appendages were also not evident and able) but did so during the later stages of Atlantis. During this time Man's senses, which had been in evolution since Saturn existence continued but even during the later stages of Atlantis the senses were unclear as to external reality. He did not see as present Man bur was aware of the cosmic hierarchy and his spiritual underpinnings.

As the tales speak to Atlantis it was situated between Europe , Africa and the North American continents of today. Of note is that Man became increasingly able to "walk the earth", so to speak, and those who due to the precipitant difficulties of the Moon/Earth existence had left the earth began to return.

In this respect the mystery centers or oracles in Atlantis were so named after the returnees or Jupiter men, Mars men, Venus men, etc... Thus the Atlantean oracles were so named as Jupiter oracle, Mars oracle, etc... and the highest that of the Sun oracle.

These oracles were the centers of spirituality who(what) guided Man during Atlantean existence. They were are universities, centers of governance, and qualities of spirituality for the Atlantean man.

At the chevage of the moon from the earth Man now gained another body , the Ego or "I" brought forth by the Elohim of Spirits of form. The prospective human soul being now had four bodies; Physical Body, Etheric Body, Astral Body and the Ego or "I". This Ego or "I" enters into and from the highest realms of spirituality and is now a baby on the earth relative to the other bodies of Man.

The seed of Man, his soul spiritual being, of Ego and Astral Body has begun to reincarnate through recurrent lives onto this day.

Sleep can give some conception of the relationships of the four bodies. At sleep the physical body and etheric body remain in bed, so to speak, while the Ego and Astral body enter into a cosmic spirituality, or if viewed from our preceptive abilities , they enter into a nature spirituality which surrounds us.

The nature of the sleep's refurbishment is aware to all of us and upon return in the morning Man begins anew into his destined work. The soul spiritual being of Man enters into his physical/etheric body which are his paints and palette during his earthly sojourn.

The mineral kingdom was now present in Man's physical body, where his mineral nature is abridged and can be seen at death in the corpse of Man. The mineral, during life continues to act within its own nature while in man but is ensconced within a higher nature, the Etheric Body. the etheric body gives structure to the physical body and holds onto the physical body, giving it life in its role of life body. At death the life body, known also as etheric body loosens and lets go of the physicality and enters into the etheric world.

In this it can be seen that sleep is known as the "little brother of death".

The pictures of a man's life that is experienced by the soul after death are contained within the etheric body. this release of "pictures" lasts for about 24 to 48 hours at which time the soul enters into the soul world in his travels between recurrent lives. Reincarnation is not forever but directly how a man improves and enters into noblement unto the next state of existence known as the Jupiter state where death does not stand; all this through the Christ Being where Love is existent.

Moon existence was known as the Cosmos of Wisdom and through wisdom Man moves further onto the Cosmos of Love, or Jupiter existence. Man gains Love through Wisdom.
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Clarification; the Earth will be known as the cosmos of Love whereas into Jupiter existence love will be perceived throughout, or as external and internal reality. The Moon evolution perfected Wisdom and if we look around us, in the abundance of nature, we see Wisdom, the evolutionary Moon wisdom. Likewise in Jupiter we will perceive Love, or the evolutionary Earth Love.

The Atlantean flood, known to many cultures of antiquity, a partial flooding , persisting over time . In this there were great migrations of peoples seated in eastern and western directions.

Those who traveled west were the forerunners of the American Indian. In an eastern direction great migrations occurred and of note is the creation of a great mystery center situated in Hibernia . Other mystery centers were accomplished while the highest Sun initiate traveled with a group of his followers settled in what we know as southern India.

This was a special group of sun men who through their effort and training had changes in comprehension such that they were those who could "see" the external world as you and I do in present day. Their inner soul states were of such graciousness and love as b befitted the sun oracle.

During the travels eastward they were protected from connection with the peoples in their environs who lived within an atavistic consciousness , or that of perception of the spiritual world but with lack of individuality projected to be accomplished in the future.

From this center in southern India subsequent cultures evolved up unto our present times which will be delineated .

Initiate is the sense of the mystery centers were men who through thorough training were brought to the point or ableness in seeing the spiritual world . These acolytes would return from a trance like state, bring fruits of the spirit to any and all. this differed from the atavistic consciousness in which the "normal" man was aware of the spirit but more of in a dream state of feeling comprehension.
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From southern India the post Atlantean cultures expressed and a noted previously the Old Indian cultural epoch arose with the individual , with his stae of atavistic consciousness, having no use for the earthly world, knowing and perceiving the spiritual in their world of sensibility. The idea of "maya" arose in which this ancient Indian denied the sensory which he considered an "illusion", knowing full well that the only reality or the "real" was the spiritual in which the sensory was the outer expression of the supersensible.

The ancient Indian therefore did not create a civilization as we might consider, as they had no use for the earthly. Their huts were more of branched trees stretched together above and their cranium was , in the main, a backward slanting with a paucity of frontal lobe of the brain. Their world was a world of "direct perception" without the logical or reasoned capabilities to which we are subscribed .

Yet, due to this natural clairvoyance they lived within the grand spirituality found within the Vedas and Vendetta philosophy. To be clear, the Vedas and Vendetta philosophy we read today are only a weak echo of what the ancient Indian lived within as they were written or passed on during a subsequent epoch or the third post Atlantean epoch when written history began.

During this first post Atlantean epoch the caste system arose which was a carry over from Atlantean times when men knew that they had planned further incarnations in a particular race and or those of Jupiter men, Mars men, etc.... as these particular racial forms were welcomed upon incarnation in Atlantis.

The "caste" system, as well of racial tries, became decadent forms of a evolutionary good falling prey to an Ahrimanic and Luciferic influences into our present times.

The subsequent post Atlantean epoch formed by the Persian peoples. Contrary to the Old Indian the Persian seized the world of the senses with vigor . Although still aware of the spirituality behind the senses he worked the earth in subsequent pleasure. Though still supersensibly aware his focus was the sensory or the external world.

Out of this arose a great leader of the Persians who brought forth the "God of Light " in contradistinction to the earthly darkness. Ahura Mazdao or the God of Light was seen in the battle with the spirit of darkness, or Ahriman.

In this Ahriman, as deception, would have the ancient Persian deny the Light God thus only seeking and speaking to the earthly. the powers of Light and Darkness, as reality within the soul of the ancient Persian.

To reiterate, teh battle of Light and Darkness may seem to our present age to be deadened concepts, more like a binary projection into the world life, but the ancient Persian and subsequent peoples knew them a world forces of a living reality, the reality of the spiritual Man.

The great leader, Zarathustra or Zoroaster sought out and protected the ancient Persian from the shallows of a non spiritual existence. Out of this milieu came the knowing projection of the future individual who by having cleansed his astral body of all Luciferic influence would incarnate and become the vehicle of the "God of Light" or the Christ Being to enter the earthly in future times. The messianic mission was foretold throughout the mystery centers of ancient Man.

Onto the future epochs of Chaldean, Baabylonian, Assarian and Egyptian third epoch followed by the Greco Latin and our present or Fifth post Atlantean epoch.
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In the third post Atlantean cultural epoch Mankind's clairvoyant capabilities continued to diminish but still the Chaldean-Babylonian peoples saw the world as created by spiritual beings, taking note of the power within, and lived within this milieu. The mystery centers continued to offer relief to the peoples who were correspondingly budding into an intellectual process which in it's measure could not reach these sublime heights.

The Egyptians still had this natural clairvoyance and through their mystery centers, primarily of the mercury mysteries gained power over the earth. The Egyptian was especially concerned with the afterlife to which they could become an "Osiris" . The Egyptian "Book of the Dead" speaks to this in which the Light of Osiris can lead man between recurrent lives.

In his proper place, Ahriman has justification on the spiritual world but in his earthly works he attempts to still Man to the sensible world, to which he is out of place. There were mystery centers of a Ahrimanic nature and through this the ancient Egyptian espoused some horrific practices, in decadence, in attempts to tether man to the earth.

The Greco-Roman , or fourth cultural epoch arose and in this the marvels of the ancient Greek artist. The Greek artist , though having lost a great deal of clairvoyance was able to bring the spiritual world to his artist creations. The Greek statues and Temples of his gods stand tall as the Greek brought to outer expression his inner nature of the spirit.

the Greek sculptor did not use models as he was able to create out of his inner spirituality. In the Greek temple it could sit out in the hills and the ancient Greek would appreciate that his daily work was within the guidance of the god of the temple. The architecture of the temple was such that its forms were the resting place of the spirit. There was no need to visit and pray as in our times.

In this fourth post Atlantean cultural epoch a diminishment of perceptual spiritual reality continued and the Greek hero Achilles states "better a beggar on earth than king of the shades" . The light of the spirit had diminished for the discarnate man such that he could be prey for untoward forces which deny his individuality. Prior to this diminishment the Christ light was within each man as he passed through the world of the spirit between lives as guide and succor for the soul.

Mankind continued to pierce the earth inordinately such that if he continued on this course there would be no hope for return as spiritual being with spiritual perception. Mankind had reached the nadir of humanness at which time one third of the way into the Greco Roman epoch the event of Golgotha occurred.

As prophesized from Persian times the "God of Light", or "Ahura Mazdao" known as the Christ Being incarnated into a human body and continued His work from within the Earth, within the hearts of all men. Prior to this time the hierarchy of angelic beings could see the Christ in His heavenly plaice but now when they look they look to the earth.

The graduated diminishment of atavistic consciousness spoke to a forming of nations, races, or groups of individuals to which each man could learn of the nature of Love with respect to those within his own grouping. In the northern European tribes to insult one of their tribe is an insult to the whole tribe as example.

Mankind had begun as a unity proceeding within differentiation and through the Christ Impulse are brought together into a unity. Within this unity each man has his own individuality much like each of his own color as the creative color of the painter. Christianity is just now in its infancy working through each man who frees himself from the management of higher beings to his "freedom" without higher coercion and in this he becomes the expression of Love for Love cannot come about without freedom, the freedom of Man.

In this future the ancient clairvoyance will again arise while man will continue his intellectual endeavors such that the intellect is spiritualized as man becomes a free being within the hierarchy of angels.
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Until the Greco-Roman cultural epoch (600 BCE -1500 BCE) the Ego of Man was in a state of, for want of a better word "suppression". In the mystery centers an initiand was placed in a trance state through the aegis of 12 priest seers and the thirteenth or leader of the mystery cult . He was then able to perceive the spiritual world through the consideration of his etheric and astral bodies having been released from the consciousness related to his physical body. He became an initiate in this manner without Ego.

A telling example of a great initiate was the Buddha who under the Bodhi Tree came forth with the teachings of the "eightfold path". The Buddha is a rank of spirituality and this Buddha was known as a bodhisattva or those who bring teachings to mankind through recurrent lives . this particular bodhisattva had pursued a goal such that in his life in which he attained Buddahood he was able to bring forth the teachings and forces of "Love and Compassion".

Prior to his risen to the Buddha rank his etheric body was not totally within the earthly sphere and through this spirituality on high he could bring beneficent gifts to mankind. Upon rising to Buddahood he was able to creatively bring "Love and Compassion" through a physical body, on the earth.

He was the first man who could bring these teachings of love and compassion in earthly form thus insuring that each and every man could also bring forth "Love and Compassion" out of themselves. Any quality to which the human being could creatively bring forth has first to be brought forth through one incarnated man of the earth through himself and these powers pass onto others.

This Buddha died and after completing his mission does not incarnate again working upon humanity from the spiritual world as spirit being. This leads to the Gospel of Luke and relates to the Egos of men which were released at the time of Golgotha. After Golgotha the Ego was released .

The ancient seer knew that any release of the Ego could be catastrophic and was thereby kept in suppression in the spiritual economy of not only the initiates but the general man. The Ego, the baby of man's bodies, was in a sense beginning his earthly foray. The "Ego" had worked hidden within man's conscious realm and now was to work the earth in clear judgment as the fourth body of man; Physical Body, Etheric Body, Astral body and Ego.

The Physical Body had evolved through four states of evolution; the Etheric Body , three; the astral body ,two and the Ego, one, beginning through the Earthly following Moon, Sun and Saturn states of existence.

Buddha and the Luke Gospel follows ..
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In the evolution of mankind the presentation of two streams in which one ,
further advanced than the other would in a sense come to completion of its mission while the other behind, yet more youthful would bring the advanced culture to higher stages of existence.

In the Buddhist or Oriental culture great qualities came forth until it had reached its apogee of existence in Buddhism. From the middle East the Hebrew peoples , more backward than the Eastern peoples were countenanced to "look without" themselves in the externality of life. In this they received the moral teachings of the Decalogue or commandments as they did not bring forth out of themselves the inner power of love and compassion as in the Buddhist stream.

As Zarathustra looked without to Ahura Mazdao and the Babylonian priests saw the externality of life in their cosmic astrology so did the Hebrew nation looked externally in their evolution of thought being forewarned to not hold strange gods before them which arise within.

The story of Joseph presents this particular teaching as Joseph was caste out by his family for continuing an atavistic consciousness which was common to ancient man. He had great powers of knowledge and was therefore able to gift the Pharaoh with knowledge of the future and in due course came to the rescue of his family due to his great nature with respect to the pharaoh.

And in this the Hebrew people gained knowledge from those "without" and in this particular instance reconciled Joseph to his family. the inner nature of the Oriental or Buddhist stream, the old if you will, at the time of Golgotha merged with the Hebrew stream and thus to all of mankind.

The merger thus effected came through Jesus of Nazareth as told in the gospels of Matthew and Luke.

In the Gospel of Matthew was born within the lineage of the Solomon line the "kingly stream" . As the three kings of the east came to the birthplace of Jesus offering gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh we have the Magi who came to see the rebirth of their ancient leader Zarathustra, the Ego being of the Solomon Jesus. This Jesus, through many creative and ongoing lives brought the greatest of wisdom to the earth ; a mature man, if you will.

In the Luke gospel the "heavenly host" shown over the shepherds in the field and this spiritual being was the "nirmanakaya" of the Buddha, the spirit body of Buddha which shown over the Jesus of the Nathan or priestly lineage. The Nathan Jesus soul was the delicate outreach of a soul that had been kept in arrears in the great Mother Lodge from the beginning of Man's descent to earth, the Adam soul.

This Adam soul had never incarnated and consisted of the aboriginal pristine graciousness and love that had never touched the earth previously.

The Zarathustra Ego of Great knowledge at the time when the Luke Jesus traveled to Jerusalem and spoke to the doctors of law and wisdom in the temple had transported to the Luke Jesus and became the Ego of the Luke Jesus to which the nirmanakaya of Buddha shown.

The luke Jesus in his growth until his 12th year did not present as a knowledgeable being and in fact appeared even as backward to many but those who stood in his presence could perceive and experience the graciousness and love which exuded from this most wonderful of men.

And so, in the temple, the Zarathustra Ego spoke through the bodies of the Luke soul to the amazement of all, including his family. In this one man the amalgamation of the Buddhist stream and the Zarathustra stream united as Jesus of Nazareth in whom, at the Baptism of John at the age of 30 received the Christ Ego into himself as was known as Christ Jesus.

The Ego of Zarathustra sacrificed himself as the Christ Ego, a being of great sublimity; the leader of the Sun beings at the time of the earth's separation from the Sun during Old Sun evolution had come to the earth. In Indian lore He was known as Vishva Karmen , the Persian knew Him as Ahura Mazdao and the Egyptian spoke of Osiris.

Each of these cultures spike of His coming, had different names as within their culture but not fully known to any as they awaited His arrival.

To be clear, yes there were two Jesus children not born of the same day but within each of each other who managed to miss the killing of the infants of Herod, as did John the Baptist. This was the Being who Moses saw in the burning bush and who led the Israelites through the Red Sea, the Christ.

As a leader develops powers it was possible to give up ones bodies and knit another for a following life. The Astral body of Zarathustra was passed to Hermes the progenitor of the Egyptian culture . the etheric body of Zarathustra was passed on to multi initiated Moses who brought forth Genesis , the time story the etheric body being the body of time. Zarathustra, as Nazarathos also taught Pythagoras in the Pythagorean cultus.

This "spiritual economy" as manifested in the great leaders of mankind all were bringing forth the plan of the Christ Ego leading mankind into the future such that the Egos of men shall be "Christ Like", the evolution in time.
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The issue of recurrent lives speaks to the evolution of the cultures as noted in this essay. The Old Indian, Persian, Egyptian/Chaldean, Greco Roman and our present cultural epochs are of duration of approximately 2100 years. Our present cultural epoch began in the 15th century following the Greco Roman ( 600 BCE -1500 CE ) and will continue for 2100 years.

The zodiacal signs or animal pictures are such that as the sun travels through the "zodiacal clock" , with a particular sign as the background, this period of transit lasts approximately 2100 years. The ancient peoples spoke to the" Platonic Year" of duration of 25000 years for the sun to travel through the zodiac . therefore in each animal sign the sun takes 2100 years to travel . We are now in the sign of Pisces.

With respect to recurrent lives man in the period of time since death, in order to add to his abilities with respect to the cosmos would be expected to incarnate after 2100 years when the earth will have changed its countenance and presents itself as "new" in a manner of speaking. This changes as there would be a alternation of incarnation as male and female thus averaging out to every 1150 years.

This is not "fixed" as if a man is unable to complete his karmic responsibility within his proposed period of time he may return sooner as for example in 400 years. Also those who bring benevolent pictures to their fellow man adding grace to the world may return much sooner as in 200 years in order to give to humanity these graces. Present mankind incarnates , on average, q800 years.

The times periods of return and incarnation are planned by the individual soul with respect to the hierarchical beings whom I delineated on the first page, each man guides his own destiny. The alternate male/female incarnation of also not fixed as it was possible to incarnate in a particular gender in linearity but again it is a function of the abilities of the soul improving but also the worth of the soul's being as offered to the cosmic entelechy. The cosmos is also in evolution and Man adds his worth to this realm of spirituality.

As may have been hinted above, Man, with respect to consciousness, also in inner and outer being, is in continual change . To speak to Man of 2000 years ago and assume he is like us (which is a common historical meander) is fraught with error .

A beginning comprehension of the Christ Being is important. When the individual man dies and enters into the spiritual realms his travels carry him through the realms of hierarchical beings until the "leftovers" of earthly existence is totally eliminated. A gourmet may take delight in food but upon death he no longer has the physical body to sate these desires which are still present in the soul spiritual being of a man. He then goes through the region of desires in which he suffers inordinately until the soul no longer seeks the pleasure of delectable food. Man desires this cleansing of the earth as he seeks this suffering for his future being.

Of course there are many variations on this theme but it suffices to say that all touch of earthly existence is removed from the soul when he then travels as a spiritual being in the spiritual realm. This doesn't mean that one cannot enjoy a meal which is appreciated in balance and more to the point, spiritually dedicated. Giving thanks before a meal is a spiritual dedication that has roots in ancient comprehension of spirituality within our world.

The individual man travels to an edge of the cosmic spirituality and begins a turn around initiating a thirst for returning to the earth . In this return he again travels trough the hierarchical beings and the soul is taught in the forming of his future body(s) such that at conception the entire cosmos works within the individual soul in the forming of the body. Man contains the entire cosmos within himself as individual being as the body is formed a conception.

We believe the merger of the male and female genders bring the body together giving no thought to the source of human creation. The human body(s) are formed out of the cosmos to a preplanned point on the earth . the soul spirit of a man then incarnates into his preplanned body (s) at about 28 days .

In consideration of Christ as He incarnated into the body(s) of Jesus of Nazareth at the Baptism of John He began a three (3) year movement on the earth not a a man who came to point existence at birth but such that the entire cosmos moved as Christ from the "mountain" or the "lake" or gave the various healings noted in the Gospels . Christ as Cosmos moved within this three year period upon the earth, not as an individual man, but as the entire creative entelechy, the "Word" who was present of all beginnings and continues to work onto our times.

The ineffable went through death entering into the earth as an "Impulse" to the future; not as a point on the x,y, and z axis but as a living "Impulse" throughout Time.

The Buddha brought the teachings of Love to Man who will through time change Man as a moral being whereas the Christ Impulse is the power of Love for all .