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Do you believe in God? Do you believe in God?

05-31-2023 , 10:57 PM
Originally Posted by Dream217
I am a Christian and I have been walking with the Lord for 12 years since my conversion from 24 years of atheism. I encountered the Lord and came to believe because he revealed himself to me. I believe anyone would be a believer if they experienced what I experienced, so I feel very thankful to God that he chose to reveal himself to me. The bible promises that if you seek him with all your heart he will be found by you. If you truly question whether God exists, then set aside everything to pursue him, he will reveal himself to you. But if you are focused on your job, your family and friends, and see God as only a topic of discussion or minor interest, he will hide himself from you. I believe it it worth it to seek God with all your heart because eternity is at stake!
Let's hear how he revealed himself to you. I bet in advance that you aren't willing to do it, mostly because of how incredibly flimsy and silly it is as a supernatural claim. In fact, it's probably nothing but some human emotions at a key time. As if human emotions = supernatural visits. But I'm perfectly willing to be convinced otherwise, and I believe the doctrine demands that one give the justification for their belief, especially when requested. I'm willing to be wrong, I'm willing to hear the conversion reason, I'm willing to grant respect. Describe the supernatural experience/revelation, please.
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