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Do you believe in God? Do you believe in God?

03-06-2023 , 08:16 PM
"I believe the mass killing of babies and fetuses because of wrongdoing of others generations before is a good and moral thing; I believe the magic claims of a superstition based culture of thousands of years ago unreservedly and uncritically; I still employ the "god of the gaps" principle even though it has been proven ridiculous; I believe sacrifice scapegoating is a good, reasonable, moral and holy; I sustain the bigotry of thousands of years ago against all reasoned takes on diversity and humanism; I believe in the doctrine of salvation even though it is established as a concocted gimmick of religion to garner adherents and to make money ..."
Do you believe in God? Quote
03-06-2023 , 10:12 PM
The stupid religion is a faux front porch, and behind it rages a shadow virulently alive because sacrificial scapegoats do nothing to address it, thus the shadow aspect of the personality is not integrated into a tolerant and compassionate state, but instead lashes out in ignorance of itself and in ignorance of wisdom. Preferring, instead of wisdom, ridiculous dogma and doctrine from ancient, ignorant times.

Note that the prisons are full of religious violent offenders, that total fraud preachers are legion, that bullies, thiefs, bigots, financial fraudsters, rapists, killers, child abusers, are all overwhelmingly religious. That is not to argue that the religion is false because of this odd state of affairs, but it makes apparent exactly how the religion is being used in consciousness, that is, why the person claims to be religious. And it simply is not about reality, the true self, or even one's actual values and life.

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Do you believe in God? Quote